Customer Service Supervisor Cover Letter Example + Tips

Crafting a compelling cover letter lets you explain why you would make a good employee and specifically why you are the best pick for the job. You want to make sure your cover letter is specific to the industry so it is important to explain what skills and experience you have that is compatible. Take a look at the following free customer service supervisor cover letter sample to get an idea of how it should look, and read the tips that follow for even more helpful advice.

Dear Mr. Lawson,

When I saw your job ad, I had to apply. I am the ideal candidate for this positon because of my dedication to offering the best customer service possible. I have over 20 years of experience in customer service, along with a serious commitment to customer satisfaction.

In my last positon, I was recognized multiple times for my successful interactions with customers. I was able to reduce the number of customer complaints while increasing the actual number of customers in the store through implementing special customer appreciation programs.

Under my supervision, the store saw a 40 percent decrease in staff turnover. I believe when you stated you wanted a supervisor who could motivate employers and increase loyalty that you were speaking directly about me because I can definitely do this for your company.

I would love to begin with your company right away. I look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you. Thanks you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in a Customer Service Supervisor Cover Letter

Now that you have reviewed the free customer service supervisor cover letter sample above, here are some tips to help you as you write your own cover letter. Make sure you aren’t trying to cover too much in the letter. Sharing every detail of your past work experience is just boring and not necessary. Stay focused on the job you’re applying for and how you are a match for that job. Begin with something that makes you relatable and more than just some words on paper.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

In your cover letter you want to highlight your personal skills, as you saw in the free customer service supervisor cover letter sample above, but if you can include some of the skills below, it would be beneficial.

● Listening skills: A large part of serving customers is listening to their needs.
● Patience: You may have to deal with upset customers on a regular basis, which requires maintaining a calm demeanor.
● Problem-solving skills: As you work to keep customers happy, you may have to solve various problems or issues.
● Interpersonal skills: Being able to put others at ease and maintain a positive interaction is critical.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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