For most jobseekers, the challenge is to prove to an employer they’ve got what it takes to be a great asset to a company. While the interview can help jobseekers make a case for themselves, the CV is the first step in persuading hiring managers to consider the job application. If your CV isn’t compelling and well-written, your skills and knowledge may go ignored in the customer service industry. Work smarter during your job search and use the customer service supervisor CV example presented below to help you get more results.


Jason Ramirez

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Friendly and helpful customer service supervisor with a dedication to giving excellent service. Experience working in call centers in the cruise line industry for the past 17 years. Incredible oral communication skills when answering questions and dealing with customer concerns. Excellent problem-solving ability that helps resolve customer issues satisfactorily. Strong leadership skills that help customer service representatives on the team work toward specific goals and to a high standard of quality.

  • Effective communicator when discussing issues and answering questions with customers on the phone.
  • Skilled at operating customer service computer software and reservation system technology, such as Salesforce or The Raiser’s Edge.
  • Ability to stay friendly and calm, even when a customer is irate and demanding unreasonable requests.
  • Strong ability to lead and motivate a team of workers by setting high expectations and treating everyone with respect.
  • Exceptional ability at providing top customer service and anticipating customer needs based on knowledge and experience in the industry.
Work Experience
Customer Service Supervisor
March 2010 – present



  • Oversee the customer service department of about 45 employees for the Caribbean cruise line division call center.
  • Review call center standards with employees periodically to help achieve more successful customer service interactions and solutions.
  • Have a 98 percent resolution rate with the department by managing calls appropriately, stepping in when needed and escalating situations at times to upper management.

Customer Service Supervisor
August 2007 – March 2010



  • Trained new customer service call center representatives in taking phone reservations for cruise ships, answering questions, and recording special requests.
  • Wrote the customer service representative schedule each week for a staff of 38 people and made sure all shifts were appropriately covered.
  • Created a new training manual for call center customer service representatives that streamlined the process of answering tough questions.

Customer Service Representative
June 2000 – August 2007




  • Answered calls, assisted customers, and submitted reservation requests for a popular cruise line.
  • Listened to customer complaints over the phone and developed solutions to help fix problems or keep the customer happy when appropriate.
  • Recruited to be a customer service supervisor after demonstrating strong performance and an excellent commitment to quality as a representative.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


University of Pennsylvania
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

At home, I am a dedicated hobby chicken farmer. A few years ago, I built a chicken coop and decided to try raising chickens for eggs and meat. Then, I purchased a few hens and one rooster. I’ve worked hard to tweak my chickens’ diet so they get the proper nutrition, and the eggs they produce are rich and delicious. The chickens have free range of the yard, so they get enough exercise and have a strong quality of life.


Questions for Your Customer Service Supervisor CVV

1. How do you describe computer skills on your customer service supervisor CV?

Employers expect candidates to have basic computer skills. In many industries, certain positions require experience with specialized software applications. The customer service sector is no exception. A working knowledge of reservation or customer service programs is a must. Point out your expertise by adding a skills section, as the applicant did in our customer service supervisor CV sample. Weave your expertise throughout the employment section as well. In both cases, state the names of the platforms you are proficient in and describe how you use them in your work.

2. How do you highlight soft skills on a customer service supervisor CV?

Soft skills cover those intangible qualities and personality traits that can’t be easily measured. Because of this, you must provide specific cases in which you use this skill set in the workplace. Additionally, address the attributes employers specify in their job descriptions. If the position requires someone with “problem-solving abilities,” then show how you solve problems. For instance, discuss how you handle disgruntled customers. Like our customer service supervisor CV sample, you can spotlight your examples in the work history section.

3. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a customer service supervisor CV?

Bullet lists provide a simple way of adding visual impact to your document. Bullets often appear in the employment section because they draw attention to your accomplishments. As a general guideline, career coaches suggest providing five or six bullet points for each job listed. This keeps the section skimmable for the reader.

4. How do you list schools in a customer service supervisor CV?

The educational part of your CV is straightforward, as you can see in the customer service supervisor CV sample. The basic format includes the school name, its location (city and state), the degree earned, and sometimes your graduation date. In the case of applicants with more than one degree, list the most recent first. For example, if you have a master’s degree, place it above your bachelor’s degree.

5. How do you write the experience section of your customer service supervisor CV?

In a competitive job market, selling yourself is the name of the game. One of the best places to wow recruiters is with your experience. With that said, don’t waste valuable space listing duties or irrelevant jobs. Additionally, avoid starting sentences with outdated phrases such as “Responsible for.” Instead, begin each entry with a strong verb like “created,” “trained,” “oversaw,” and “handled.” Use the present tense with your current position and the past tense for prior employment. Frame each sentence as an accomplishment, where appropriate. Quantify your experience with figures, percentages, and measurable results.

If you want to make your successes leap off the page, try our CV builder. It is a simple step-by-step resource for creating the perfect job-search document.

Customer Service Supervisor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Customer Service Supervisor Do?

The customer service supervisor CV example shows exactly how this type of job assists companies. These workers usually work in an office setting, and in many cases, they may oversee a customer service phone line system. Each day, customer service supervisors manage phone or office representatives. They may write the weekly schedule and delegate specific shifts or responsibilities. Some customer service supervisors may be involved in the hiring, promoting, evaluating, and firing of employees on the team. Training employees is another big part of a customer service supervisor’s job. When a representative needs assistance or a customer asks for a manager, the supervisor is the one who steps in and provides additional support or a solution.

Tips for Creating a Great Customer Service Supervisor CV

If your dream is to land a job easily without getting stuck for months in a frustrating job search, a well-written CV can help. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of success:

  • Limit your CV’s length to about two or three pages at the most; some workers with a limited amount of experience may need to go shorter.
  • Provide more details about your educational history, such as coursework taken or project accomplishments, if you have no work experience.
  • List your experience with some of the common computer reservation or customer service software programs.
  • Show examples of your strong management skills and give details about how you approach the job of leadership.
  • Demonstrate your customer service skills by giving examples of your success in your work history or skills section.

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