Customer Service Career Outlook

Below are some of our top customer service resume examples. Use them as a guide for creating your own resume.

Customer Support Specialist

Customer Service Representative

Hotel Operations Manager

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How to Craft Your Resume for a
Customer Service Career

Looking to ascend the career ladder? Use our professional resume examples and tips for these common customer service career paths.

Career Track: Call Center

Even in our increasingly automated world, customers calling in to a company still prefer interacting with real people. According to a study by Capterra, the most frustrating aspect of the call center experience for customers is the inability to reach a live person for customer support. Couple that with the prediction that center employment will increase by 15 percent in the next few years, and you can see why a career track in this profession can lead to major rewards.

1. Call Center Representative: $31,000 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional

Feature the essential skills you can bring to the job, such as knowledge of database software, and ability to communicate effectively. As this is closer to an entry-level job, include education or training programs you’ve had that relate to the work.

Summary statement tip: For this position, emphasize any experience you’ve had in directly assisting customers (e.g., a volunteer experience in which you provided customer phone care), and your top soft skills (e.g. conflict resolution).

Skills to feature: Group your skills under important categories such as “customer engagement” and “interpersonal skills”—they’re the foundation for success in this position. It also pays to include organizational or clerical skills that can contribute to job efficiency, such as “order fulfillment” and “account management.”

Get to the next level: To further your career, pick up these skills and experiences, and add them to your resume:

  • Technical skills related to your industry or new job (e.g., social media marketing tools, specific knowledge of products)
  • Soft skills that show you’re ready to tackle more responsibilities (e.g., project management, collaboration, leadership, organizational skills, creative thinking)
  • Related certifications, such as Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) certification, or customer service training and certification

2. Call Center Supervisor: $63,741 Median Salary

Resume format: Combination

Focus on listing work accomplishments that prove you’re ready to step up to a role with more leadership, as well as the skills you’ve learned that help you accomplish these tasks.

Summary statement tip: Stress your ability to manage a team, and carry out constant processes (such as monitoring customer feedback and coaching team members) that improve team and company performance.

Skills to feature: Stress your team leadership abilities, as well as your effectiveness at tasks that help ensure the smooth running of daily operations (e.g., “schedule management” and “workflow planning,” as used in our example).

Get to the next level: Show that you know how to build and manage a team effectively, by including:

  • Examples of past and current accomplishments as a team leader and project manager
  • Examples of your ability to train team members and drive them to success
  • The ability to follow company policies, and improve company performance

3. Call Center Manager: $116,331 Median Salary

Resume format: Chronological

Give evidence of work experience that shows you’re ready to tackle the challenges of maintaining customer service standards, while also leading a team.

Summary statement tip: In addition to providing evidence of your achievements as a leader, your summary should include examples of your industry knowledge. Provide a highlight or two of how you’ve made a positive impact through day-to-day operations and customer service processes.

Skills to feature: As a manager, place the focus on your leadership skills by demonstrating in your work experience how you’ve used them to successfully complete tasks in previous roles. You should also mention your ability to successfully work with other teams in the company (e.g., “inter-department collaboration”).

Get to the next level: As you work towards a director or VP-level position, highlight the following in your resume:

  • Experience coordinating teams and departments to ensure profitable results, or improved service
  • Examples of initiatives you’re devised or managed that have made a major impact on company success

Career Track: Retail

In retail, good customer service equals good business. An American Express study shows that 70 percent of consumers say they choose to support companies that deliver great customer service. According to a report by the Aberdeen group, the top three drivers for investing in customer service management include 1) customer retention, 2) improving customer satisfaction, and 3) increasing cross-selling and up-selling, so focus on your achievements and skills in these areas when creating your resume.

1. Customer Support Specialist: $26,013 Median Salary

Resume format: Functional

Emphasize skills such as the ability to work with and aid others directly, and smoothly function as part of a team.

Summary statement tip: Support specialists assist customers with information on a company’s services, products or materials. This means heavy interpersonal contact with consumers, and troubleshooting problems with customers and internally. In your summary, focus on your experience and achievements in succeeding in these situations.

Skills to feature: Focus on listing skills in major areas you will need to use on a daily basis: customer service and interpersonal skills. Also include skills that indicate you can handle organizational tasks such as payment processing and management.

Get to the next level: 

To move on up in your career, show you can be proactive and can take on more leadership duties:

  • Highlight experiences you have had managing a project, or improving customer service processes
  • Show examples of how you can communicate and work within a team, as well as with customers, to get results
  • Give evidence of your knowledge and expertise with specific services or products your company of interest provides

2.Customer Support Manager: $71,761 Median Salary

Resume format: Combination

Provide a healthy mix of skills and work experience that indicate you’re ready for more responsibility and managerial duties.

Summary statement tip: Provide some specifics on how you’ve excelled in customer service in the past, but can also manage a customer team that maximizes customer satisfaction and company success.

Skills to feature:  Include skills that emphasize your qualifications in leading a team, such as “schedule management,” while not forgetting to address the heart of the customer service experience with skills such as “complaint resolution” and “customer relations.”

Get to the next level: 

Aim for an executive position by gaining experience and featuring achievements in the following:

  • Corporate and customer strategy
  • Driving customer service teams to improve, and provide excellent support
  • Using metrics and working with other teams within the company on processes and to improve overall customer experience

3.Customer Support Director: $136,731 Salary

Resume format: Chronological

For high-level positions, concentrate on creating an extensive work history section which documents your experiences and accomplishments.

Summary statement tip: Use metrics to show how your leadership has made a bottom-line difference in your previous jobs. Also provide an example or two of how you’ve pulled a team together to

Skills to feature: Customer assistance is of prime importance in this position, so emphasize your qualifications in this area (e.g., “adherence to high customer standards”), while also underlining your ability in any required managerial tasks (e.g., “service and supply support”).

Get to the next level: 

To move on up in your career, show how you’ve excelled as a leader of different teams, and are capable of bringing vision and strategy to your company:

  • Give examples of how you’ve nurtured relationships with customers and clients in important markets
  • Demonstrate how you’ve partnered with cross-functional teams to improve company efficiency and profitability

Career Track: Hospitality

As you’d expect from the name, hospitality depends on maintaining good relations with customers. According to a Qualtrics study, 57 percent of hotel guests cite “unfriendly employees” as their reason for having a negative experience at a hotel. Good customer service in the hospitality arena also brings good business—it’s estimated that the number of consumers who sign up for hotel loyalty programs is increasing.

1.Concierge: $35,757 Median Salary

Resume format: Functional

Feature your best skills at dealing with customers directly, and being able to work efficiently and reliably.

Summary statement tip: As a main point of contact between an organization and guests, a concierge position demands organizational ability, efficiency under pressure, and being able to interface with customers.

Skills to feature:  When mentioning skills, include your abilities in assisting customers (e.g., issue resolution, experience with guest reservations), as well as skills that show you contribute to overall operations (e.g., ensuring guest accounts are up-to-date, maintaining contact with guests through loyalty programs).

Get to the next level:
To attain a higher position, prove your competence as an employee as well as your potential for a managerial role:

  • Give concrete examples of how you have contributed to team success (e.g., “Part of team that earned AAA 5 Diamond and Mobile 4 Star Awards for past three years”)
  • Take advantage of opportunities for supervision and input, and list them on your resume (e.g., “Revised incentive and recognition programs to improve employee performance and guest loyalty”
  • Seek a hospitality management certification (e.g., Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS)) which proves you’re ready to progress in your career

2.Guest Relations Manager: $52,300 Median Salary

Resume format: Combination

Focus on a work experience section that lists prominent career achievements, and show in your skills section that you have the right attributes to succeed in a position requiring more management skills.

Summary statement tip: Emphasize your ability to effectively communicate with employees and customers, and provide examples of exceptional guest service (e.g., “Manager of employee team that improved Guest Satisfaction ratings by 10% through incentives and training”).

Skills to feature: As guest satisfaction is a central aim of this position, stress qualities related to superior service, such as “culturally sensitive service provider” and “outstanding communication skills.” You should also include skills that showcase your management talents, such as “proficiency in hospitality systems” and “training and development.”

Get to the next level: 

Show that you can handle day-to-day hotel operations and leadership:

  • Get a certification (e.g., Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA)) that cements your qualifications
  • Provide plenty of examples in which you’ve managed a successful project or team (e.g., “Ran hotel front office with a team of 22 people to achieve customer service KPI on quarterly basis”)
  • Show you have complete knowledge of hotel procedures and operations (e.g., “Managed team and operations, coming in 25% under budget for overhead costs in most recent fiscal year”)

3.Hotel operations manager: $83,332 Median Salary

Resume format: Chronological

At this career level, focus on your work history section, which should feature numerous experiences that show you’re a proven manager, and understand your industry inside and out.

Summary statement tip: As the job title implies, show your familiarity with every element of hotel operations and team management. Pick out your top abilities, and your most successful examples of how you’ve utilized these abilities,

Skills to feature:  Emphasize high-level management responsibilities and achievements in your skills by including skills such as “strategic planning and analysis,” “office and staff streamlining,” and “program leadership.” Give examples in your work experience section of you put these skills to productive, successful use.

Get to the next level: To move up to an executive level, list skills and experiences in your resume that show you can handle a high level of responsibility, and are also proactive in improving customer service:

  • Highlight how efficient and effective you are at managing your team towards positive results (e.g., “Managed guest service team that attained 20% improvement in customer satisfaction over past two years”)
  • Give examples of you have taken an active role in shaping your team, and mentoring your employees towards promotions or better service
  • Take steps to learn more about your field (e.g. hotels, travel, etc.) and round out your business knowledge by taking an MBA or business management program

Recommended Customer Service
Resume Templates

For a customer service position, you’ll want to highlight your competence and reliability, but also project an impression that you’re up-to-date on industry and customer trends. To achieve both these aims, use our modern template designs, which add personality to your resume while still presenting your credentials in a straightforward layout that can be easily digested by hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Just a few of our modern templates you can use:


This popular design gives you flexibility in highlighting and formats, contained without a classic format.


Clear headers for each section and subtle use of lines makes it easy for employers to scan your resume.


Stand out from the crowd with this two-column layout and monogram treatment for the job applicant’s name.

To see a full range of the free layouts we have available, visit our templates section.

Customer Service Resume FAQ

1. How do you format your resume based on career level?

Your resume format should follow these simple rules of thumb, based on your experience:

Functional format – Best for entry-level job seekers and candidates lacking experience. This format features your skills rather than your work history, which allows you to show you have the right abilities to tackle the job.

Chronological format – The most common format, and good for showing progression in your career through a more comprehensive work experience section.

Combination format – Good for those who are switching career fields. Feature skills and accomplishments learned on your previous jobs that can transfer to your new customer service career.

2. What qualities and traits are employers looking for in the customer service industry?

Customer service jobs call for two primary functions: being the face of a company in interacting and aiding customers, and being able to follow company procedures and protocols in assisting customers. In that vein, any skill or experience you have that shows you can interact with others productively should be emphasized in your resume. Attributes such as problem-solving, good listening and communication skills, and a positive attitude are musts to include in your resume.

If you plan on extending your career in a particular industry (e.g., hospitality), you should also mention any familiarity you have with key processes and software needed for the job. For instance, your ability to handle customer accounts and databases would be a plus as a customer service specialist.

Finally, if you’re looking to move on to a managerial position, provide details on successful projects and teams you’ve led. Additional education or certification in management also demonstrates your commitment to the role.

3. What are skills you should put on a customer service resume?

In addition to the skills we’ve already mentioned, here are other important qualities you should list on a customer service resume:

  • Active listening
  • Attentiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creativity
  • Dependability
  • Diligence
  • Empathy
  • Friendliness
  • Knowledge of your product or service
  • Multitasking
  • Open-mindedness
  • Quality assurance
  • Quick thinking
  • Responsiveness
  • Time management