If you are applying to work as a bank branch manager, you’ve already got your financial management and customer service skills on lock. You may be less confident in your ability to write a winning curriculum vitae. If this is the case, you will be relieved by the help offered by our bank branch manager CV example and the additional tips we have included. In reviewing these, you can get a better idea of what sections a CV should include as well as how to optimally use the space to convey your qualifications for the bank branch manager job.


Jeremy Tide

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional bank branch manager with over 10 years of experience. Proficient in all aspects of bank management and operation, including account management, customer service, staff coordination, and product sales. Prior experience provided opportunity to supervise account growth, and in that span, savings and CD account establishment increased by over 20 percent. This is combined with exemplary service skills and thorough knowledge of the banking industry. Dedicated to effective and innovative management techniques to ensure the success of the branch.

  • Excellent critical thinking capacity and application
  • Adept at performing under pressure or on tight deadlines
  • Strong work ethic and drive to perform
  • Skilled in both written and spoken communication
  • Able to work alone or among a larger group
Work Experience
Bank Branch Manager
March 2012-Present


  • Lead staff of 20+ personnel by implementing training, engaging in proactive problem solving, and ensuring company compliance.
  • Supervise staff in operations such as account management, customer service, financial operations, and other bank functions.
  • Monitor all balances and deposits to ensure that all money in the bank is accounted for and the proper procedures are followed at all times.

Customer Accounts Supervisor
April 2010-March 2012


  • Worked directly with customers to oversee account management and troubleshoot any problems that occurred.
  • Opened new various types of accounts for customers, including checking, savings, business, and CD accounts.
  • Partnered with customers individually to help them get the most out of their accounts and understand the features offered.

Banking Associate
June 2006-April 2010



  • Worked at bank front counter to assist customers with various banking needs, including deposits, withdrawals, and balance checks.
  • Adhered to all company standards to ensure that customers received optimal care and service while banking at our branch.
  • Followed guidelines for detecting and reporting fraudulent transactions, including theft and identity impersonation.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Management


University of Hopetown
Master of Business Administration in Corporate Banking


University of Hopetown
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not at work, I enjoy a range of hobbies. Perhaps the greatest of these is my passion for poker. I am quite skilled in it and other card games, and I enjoy hosting game nights for myself and my friends to practice our skills. In addition to card games, I enjoy tabletop games and role player games that allow me to explore my creative side. I also regularly volunteer to lead local Mathlete competitions for high schoolers who are interested in competitive arithmetic. This allows me to give back to my community and utilize my familiarity with statistics.


Questions for Your Bank Branch Manager CV

How can you highlight team experience on a bank branch manager CV?

Working as a manager means leading and working with a team. You can showcase this kind of experience in many places within your CV, as shown in the bank branch manager CV sample. The first would be in the summary statement where you can add it as one of the skills you reference. Within your work experience, include times you led a team or worked with others for a common goal. Use words that imply team work, such as “collaborated” or “joined with.”

How do you write a bank branch manager CV?

The bank branch manager CV sample provided shows that your format should be simple and your message clear. You are writing as someone with banking experience, management experience, or both. Draw attention to the skills that help with this sort of work, including leadership, communication, and the ability to delegate. Include all relevant work experience, skills, and education. Finally, before you send your resume, take some time to proof read it and pass it to a friend or colleague to do likewise.

How do you write the experience section of your bank branch manager CV?

For any CV experience section, ask yourself two questions: “Is this experience relevant?” and “What are my greatest accomplishments?” This gives you a good starting point for what to include. With our resume builder, you have access to a customized CV that perfectly showcases these qualities.

When you start adding more to your work experience, look closely at the job description. If you have performed tasks expected of new applicants, then include those. The job description is also a good place to get ideas for keywords that a hiring manager will look for.

 How do you write the header of a bank branch manager CV?

Your CV header needs to have your name and a way to contact you. These two important pieces of information are vital if you want to know when your interview is. When it comes to contact information, include your phone number and email, as these are the most common forms of communication during the hiring process. If you have an old email account that is not professional, now would be a good time to change that. Your email can have your name, a professional nickname, or a reference to something that isn’t divisive or inflammatory. Take a look at our bank branch manager CV for an example of this.

How should you present software knowledge on a bank branch manager CV?

First, check the job description to see if it mentions certain software packages. If you have experience with those programs, include that in your resume. You can put this information in the skills section or within your work experience. You do not need to include programs that are very common and a hiring manager assumes you know, such as Microsoft Office. If you are specially certified for certain software programs, include the certification in your education section.

Bank Branch Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Bank Branch Manager Do?

As a bank branch manager, you can expect to perform a variety of tasks relating to the management and operation of the bank. Tantamount to the position are your duties to ensure customers have a positive experience, address and resolve any issues, manage financial details, and oversee daily operations. These responsibilities are integral to the branch manager’s performance, and you will also be expected to carry out the corporate policies established by the bank. This means that all training, service, and procedural specifications that are directed will be the responsibility of the bank branch manager to enforce. If you are vying for this position and looking for tips on how to craft a stellar CV, our tips and bank branch manager CV example can provide the guidance you need.

Tips for Creating a Great Bank Branch Manager CV

Crafting a great CV isn’t difficult at all when you have a useful example to reference and some additional tips to look at. The latter of these will come in handy if do’s and don’ts are helpful to you, and ours provide some great insight into CV conventions:

  1. Do emphasize your knowledge of management principles as well as your familiarity with standard banking practices.
  2. Don’t neglect to mention your financial management skills, too, as they are directly relevant to the position.
  3. Do contextualize your experiences within your skill set to make its relevance to the job you seek clear.
  4. Don’t emphasize skills that are static or unlikely to transfer to new positions and challenges if you were to be promoted.

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