One of the most important parts of a job application is the curriculum vita. This simple document provides hiring employers with everything they need to know to make a decision. Your CV should include information about your work history, specific skill set, unique professional traits, education, and previous responsibilities. Because a strong CV can completely change the result of applying for a job, you should make sure yours is ready to catch employers’ attention. To get started on writing yours, review the writing tips found alongside this equity research analyst CV example.


Hannah Sprout

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable and dedicated financial expert with history in accounting able to utilize economic knowledge in equity research analyst position. Extensive experience analyzing and evaluating investment possibilities, market trends, and stocks. A candidate who combines market awareness and quick and accurate work and prioritizes excellent communication to ensure success. Proven track record across nearly 10 year working experience of improving profits through analytical thinking.

  • Extensive market trend knowledge and experienced analyzing economic aspects
  • Flexible and creative approach to find overlooked solutions and aspects
  • Strong communication skills, including written, oral, and interpersonal
  • Critical thinking, decision making, and evaluation skills, and attention to small details
  • Excellent organization and administrative abilities
Work Experience
Equity Research Analyst
2015 to present


  • Evaluate risk parameters while analyzing proposed investment prospects on a daily basis.
  • Analyze the impact mergers, acquisitions, and other business practices will have on the market and economy.
  • Compile analysis findings into a compact report that is useful, accessible, and as in-depth as possible.
  • Present created report at board meetings clearly and concisely to aid in market decision making.
  • Offer financial consultation to company leaders in regard to investment and corporate decisions.
  • Avoided projected profit loss of more than five percent over the course of two years.

Portfolio Manager
2013 to 2015


  • Created and analyzed numerous portfolios involving bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.
  • Selected portfolios, trade execution, and asset allocation.
  • Communicated with clients clearly and efficiently regarding portfolio updates.
  • Analyzed earnings quality and statements.

2008 to 2013



  • Reviewed all financial aspects and processed numbers as needed.
  • Worked alongside other accounting staff to ensure all work is completed efficiently.
  • Prepared asset and capital account entries through compilation and analysis of financial information.
  • Created numerous reports on profits and loss, labor statistics, and balancing sheets.


Master of Business Administration in Financial Management


University of Nevada
City, State
Bachelor in Economics


University of Nevada
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

When I have the chance, I enjoy playing soccer and basketball. Along with these activities, I try to stay fit and active through daily running. I also enjoy travelling when I can and like to immerse myself in different cultures.


Equity Research Analyst Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Equity Research Analyst Do?

Equity research analyst is a general position that may involve many different types of focuses and responsibilities. At the core of the position, it requires analysts to closely review and evaluate a financial element and write a report about it. Equity research analysts may examine market trends, previous sales records, the economy, stocks or bonds, financial equipment, or a combination of these things. They are expected to create a report that is both useful and unbiased to assist in making important financial decisions. Your CV should communicate your ability to tackle all of these tasks quickly, efficiently, and masterfully. The above equity research analyst CV example showed what this may look like, although to make your CV more successful, you should specialize it toward the job expectations specific to your situation. This is especially true with how many different specializations are possible in this field.

Tips for Creating a Great Equity Research Analyst CV

While this example CV will help you with the content of your CV, these tips will help with the implementation and formatting:

  • The experience section is the most important part of your CV. You should make it the longest, include the strongest information, and follow standard formatting rules closely. List your jobs in reverse chronological order and put only current positions in present tense. Begin every bullet point with a strong action verb.
  • Do include information in your CV that emphasizes your knowledge. This position involves analysis and evaluation, so your understanding of the field should be clear.
  • Do not make your CV too long or too short. Your goal should be one page. If it is longer, employers will be discouraged to read it all and if it is shorter, it will appear that you have less experience.
  • Do double and triple check your CV for possible improvements and errors. Large blocks of text should be broken up and empty gaps should be filled or rearranged.

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