Branch Manager Resume Sample


Branch Manager Resume Sample

Job Description for Branch Managers

Branch managers provide on-site oversight of a division of a large corporation. In most cases, they’re responsible for budget compliance and meeting financial goals set for the branch. A critical part of the job is fostering good client relationships and developing new ones. Administratively, branch managers are responsible for accuracy of inventory and efficiency of order fulfillment and deliveries. Branch managers, in the absence of a human resources department, are responsible for recruitment and training of new hires and the conduct of regular performance appraisals of current employees. They report regularly to corporate regarding sales assessments, branch goals, profitability and staffing issues. Some travel is required to attend meetings at other branches or the corporate offices. Branch managers are the local representative of the company and the person who successfully handles customer concerns before they escalate.

Education & Training

Generally, the bigger the company, the more education they prefer. A bachelor’s degree in a business related field like marketing, accounting, business management, business administration, or commerce is required, and post-graduate work is preferred by some companies. Experience managing or supervising personnel is often required. Branch managers need to have strong leadership skills, be results oriented, have effective negotiating skills, and they have to be proficient in the use of computers.

Salary Range for Branch Managers

Salary is dependent on location, industry, and company size, but the salary range nationally for branch managers is 38,000 to 76,000 dollars per year, with a mean of 52,900 dollars. Years of experience and education are major factors in deciding a final salary. Branch managers usually receive bonuses based on branch performance. As you prepare your resume to target a branch manager position, you’ll want to highlight the attributes that the potential employer is looking for. Don’t just say you’re analytical. Instead, identify a project where you analyzed results that contributed to decisions. Strong client relationships are critical and could even be seen as something transferable to your new position. As you identify your experience managing or supervising personnel, provide samoples of problem-solving successes. MyPerfectResume’s sample resumes can provide an outline for your thinking to get you started on the road to that branch manager position. You have the education, experience and drive. Let it show in your resume.

Branch Manager Resume Questions

1. How do you format a branch manager resume?

In the accounting industry, most companies fall into a traditional category. This means you can use a basic layout and design. Most hiring managers prefer to see documents in a reverse-chronological format with a black-and-white color scheme, a single font, and bulleted lists. If you want to emphasize your skills rather than your experience, you can use a functional format. Otherwise, you can simultaneously point out your skills and experience by using a hybrid format.

The exact format you choose will depend on your experience. The branch manager resume sample gives a great example of how to format your document. Follow the same section order to wow hiring managers.

2. How do you describe achievements on your branch manager resume?

Discussing achievements on your resume can help you stand out as an applicant. However, simply creating a list of accomplishments with little detail can come across as bland. When you talk about what you did at each position, you want to incorporate metrics to better show how your accomplishments affected your past employers. You can see metrics in action in the branch manager resume sample experience section.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a branch manager resume?

As a branch manager in the accounting industry, you have to work with other people. You have to lead accountants, tellers, and other employees at your branch. However, simply listing team experience in your skills section will do little to show employers your capabilities. Instead, you should give examples of how you worked in a team to accomplish goals, meet deadlines, and improve the work environment throughout your work history section.

4. How do make a branch manager resume with no experience?

If you want to get a promotion to become a branch manager, you may not have any similar experience under your belt. However, even without experience, you can still get the job. You simply need to focus more on your skills than on your experience. Show employers you have the skill sets needed to successfully manage a group of people and run a branch. You still want to discuss your past experiences, but you may want to find ways to showcase how you honed your transferrable skills.

5. How should you present software knowledge on a branch manager resume?

As an accounting branch manager, you need to be familiar with a variety of software programs. You may need to know how to monitor financial records, keep digital inventory logs, and use scheduling software. You can list your software knowledge in your skills section. However, some candidates choose to show off their software-related skills in their experience section. Another option you have is to create a dedicated software skills section.

As you read through the branch manager resume sample for inspiration, you will see that the sample applicant glossed over her software capabilities in the experience section. You can use our resume builder to get step-by-step instructions on how to better emphasize this important knowledge and craft an outstanding resume.

Also need help creating your Branch Manager cover letter? Check out My Perfect Cover Letter’s expert example to get the guidance you need to build your own.

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Resume Text

Sophia Johnson

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Motivated Branch Manager with an extensive career in financial services and a track record of driving sales and boosting company morale. Hands-on, client-oriented professional who implements creative business development strategies and is dedicated to continuous improvement.


Team leadership
Business development
Revenue generation

Financial expertise
Regulatory compliance
Creative problem solving


July 2009 to January 2014
Millennium Bank New Cityland, CA
Branch Manager

Monitored and tracked securities transactions, fund transfers, margin accounts, and option trading.
Grew customer base by 30% over 3 year period through community networking and innovative customer incentives.
Effectively managed team of 45 banking professionals and staff.
Developed five team members for promotion to other branches.
Improved employee retention through staff promotions, family-like atmosphere, and merit-based pay increases each year.

March 2006 to June 2009
Millennium Bank New Cityland, CA
Head Teller

Researched banking guidelines and statutory requirements to stay updated on new laws and applications.
Investigated potential revenue-generating and client-building opportunities and made recommendations to senior management.
Scheduled tellers and resolved both customer and staff issues.
Trained new tellers on procedures and compliance.

November 2000 to March 2006
Millennium Bank New Cityland, CA

Processed withdrawals and deposits at counter and window.
Accurately handled money and maintained all goals.
Made suggestions for customer improvements to manager.


2000 Emperor College San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Science Finance

Coursework in Finance and Business Administration
3.97 core GPA