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Best website for building your resume! You answer a few questions, pick or add some highlights and the site does the rest, putting together a great resume! Many options are available to make it your own. It also helps you build a cover letter! Easy to use and fast! What took me, what seemed forever to do, on my own, took approximately 15 minutes on this site, resume and cover letter combine! Friendly service! Highly recommended!!!


5 Simple Steps to a Professional Resume

Our resume builder is the perfect tool to help you create an impressive professional resume very easily. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you stand out from your competition. Try it out and you’ll discover all of these benefits, and more:

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions Our easy resume builder advises you through every step of the process. Pre-written examples crafted by career experts make writing effortless. From entry-level or executive positions, we have tips to help you write impactful descriptions of your prior work achievements.
  2. Impressive Templates and Design Our resume templates offer styles that catch the hiring manager’s eye in a good way. We offer everything from stylized headers to small splashes of color to ensure that your resume doesn’t look like everyone else’s.
  3. Worry-Free Formatting Our builder helps you complete a quick resume without the hassle of manual formatting. The format is locked into our dozens of employer-tested resume designs. The builder does all the formatting work for you, delivering a flawless resume without any technical skill required.
  4. ATS Compatible Employers and recruiter usually use software called an applicant tracking system (ATS) to weed out applicants that don’t meet job qualifications. ATS software identifies the lack of specific keywords in the resume. My Perfect Resume offers both industry-specific keywords and readable formats to help you beat the ATS robots.
  5. Built-In Error Checking The My Perfect Resume has a built-in error checker to ensure no spelling or grammar mistakes. We look for and help you correct writing errors so your resume professional and effective. Never again worry about losing an interview spot because of a tiny typo.Get the job you want with a quick resume that will look like you spent hours working on it.


Easy to Customize Resume Templates

Use My Perfect Resume sample resumes to easily create your personalized resume to impress recruiters.

Review dozens of real-world resume samples that are easy to customize. Use our pre-written, industry-specific text examples — crafted by experts — to enhance your professional resume. We make it that easy to build your perfect resume.

4 Tips to Perfect Your Resume

At My Perfect Resume, we offer dozens of tested options for a resume to help you become the strongest possible job candidate. Here are just a few quick ways you can improve your resume :

  • Highlight the most important information first

    Highlight the most important information first

    A hiring manager will spend around six seconds reading your resume. Make every second count by including a summary statement and skills section at the top. This lets hiring managers see your most relevant information immediately. Our employer-tested resume templates give you step-by-step guidance for creating an attention grabbing summary statement and skills section to master the six second review.

  • Focus on your accomplishments

    Focus on your accomplishments

    It’s important to list responsibilities in your resume, but it’s more valuable to show your achievements. Share examples of increasing responsibility, such as a promotion or leadership role. Share numbers that illustrate the results you delivered to earn those promotions.

  • Remember keywords are key

    Remember keywords are key

    Hiring managers want to know right away if you fit the job description. Keywords tell them if you have skill and experience. It’s important that you include those specific keywords and phrases in your summary statement, work history and skills sections. My Perfect Resume will remind you to include important skills that you may have forgotten and our pre-written examples ensures your resume is keyword rich.

  • Show some personality when you can

    Show some personality when you can

    If your industry allows it, choose a template that speaks to your individuality. This can be part of your personal brand – your professional persona. If you work in a formal industry, such as law or finance, pick a simpler template that reflects your industry’s expectation, but you can show your creativity in your work achievements.

    Use My Perfect Resume to easily get a jump on your competition. With our resume builder you can effortlessly craft customized job-winning resumes for each job you seek. It’s so simple you will spend more time interviewing for jobs because your personalized, professional resume will open a lot of doors.

Personalize Your Resume – It’s Easy!

Take advantage of My Perfect Resume to personalize your resume with easy-to-use tools proven to help job seekers get hired. Our resume builder offers expert advice every step of the way helping you create your perfect resume quickly. Start with our :

  • Select an employer-tested resume template from dozens of industry-specific examples.
  • Customize your resume using pre-written text suggestions certain to impress hiring managers.
  • Simply save your perfect resume in the employer preferred file format to submit with your job applications.