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Our free-to-use resume building wizard will guide you through the resume-building process step-by-step, helping you choose the right words to use in each section. We even provide you with tips and advice every step of the way and a powerful resume audit tool to fix common grammar and spelling mistakes. Download the free text version of your resume, or choose from one of our professionally designed templates. Your perfect resume practically creates itself!

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It takes the hassle out of resume writing and only ours is proven to help you get hired 33% faster.

Why You Could (and Should) Start Your Resume Today

Only My Perfect Resume’s Resume Builder is proven to help users get hired 33% faster. With millions of satisfied users and top rated TrustPilot and Site Jabber user reviews, we know our resume builder can give you a perfect resume and help you get the job you want. Here’s why you can count on our resume builder to help you.

  1. No Technical Knowledge Required We literally do all the work for you. Just tell us a little about yourself and we do the rest. Our goal is to make the creation process easy for you. Just upload your information or type it in. You don’t have to worry about formatting, or have any coding knowledge. All you have to do is start, and our resume builder will take care of the rest.
  2. It’s Easy to Tailor Your Resume for Multiple Jobs Our resume customizer feature allows you to personalize your resume for every job to increase your chances of earning interviews. More specifically, this tool lets you make changes to your resume to draw attention to the skills and specific keywords that are best suited for the job you want.
  3. Customizable Templates Our Resume Builder provides you with templates that you can customize—right down to the font, format, and style to complement the culture of your industry. These templates make it easy to design your own resume, whether you plan to print it or use it only online.
  4. Easy to Use Our Resume Builder allows you to create different versions of your resume tailored to the various jobs you seek. Once you’ve created the resume, you can download it in PDF or .doc format. You don’t have to worry about technical aspects, such as hosting and keeping your resume updated.
  5. It Checks Before You Send As nitpicky as it may seem, a small typo in your resume can ruin your chance earn an interview. Yikes! Don’t worry; we’ll check your resume for 20 common mistakes including spelling, grammar, formatting, and more! Say goodbye to typo errors.
  6. Unlimited Resume Access Our Resume Builder gives you unlimited and secured access to resumes and cover letters so you can access them anytime, from anywhere and from all of your devices throughout your career.
  7. Unlimited Resume Creation When you use our Resume Builder, you’ll be granted an unlimited number of resumes and cover letters to create and customize for all of your job searching needs.
  8. It Doesn’t End With Your Resume! Our Interview Answer Builder tool allows you to practice answering tough interview questions to wow hiring managers with your polished approach. Again, we do the hard work for you! We take the information you provided in your resume and automatically determine the interview questions you will most likely hear, based on your resume.
  9. Confidence Booster You already have everything you need to excel; so count on us to package your information in a way that employers and recruiters want to see. Using our Resume Builder will produce a well-formatted resume that showcases your talents and professional achievements. When you see how great your resume looks, you will feel more confident and capable to nail interviews and get hired.
  10. Cover Letter Help Besides the Resume Builder, we also have a Cover Letter Builder! The auto cover letter will also help you easily create a cover letter for all of your applications. This allows you to create a winning cover letter that complements your resume with no stress.

Here’s what our customers are saying

  • The templates for the different kinds of resumes were very helpful. Also the tips for each section really helped make my resume more clear and proficient. I also liked the other resources on the site. They had interview prep questions, job search, and even templates on how to write your cover letter. This site is a very helpful site, and I was glad to find it.

    Tiombé G.

Get the Most Out of Our Builder Using the Following Tips

With millions of satisfied users, and years of helping users get hired, we’ve compiled our top 10 list of resume writing tips that will help you get the most out of our resume builder. Be sure to check these out to get savvy on the basics of resume that will get you hired!

  • Provide accurate contact information

    Provide accurate contact information

    It may seem silly, but it’s easy to make mistakes when creating your contact information. Include your name, city and state of residence, phone number, and email address. You can also include a link to a portfolio or your LinkedIn page. Don’t include your physical address. Employers just need to know approximately where you live in relation to the workplace. Next, double check to ensure that you spelled everything correctly.

    Wait! You’re not off the hook yet. Examine your email address. Does it relate to a nickname or aspiration, like If so, you must set up a new email account and change it ASAP. Use your name or initials to create an email address that makes you look serious about finding a job.

  • Create a compelling summary statement

    Create a compelling summary statement

    Avoid the old fashioned resume objective. Instead, craft a succinct summary statement that tells your reader what you’re capable of doing for them in fewer than six full lines of text. Consider this your elevator pitch – something short and sweet you can summarize about yourself to a recruiter in a short elevator ride.

    Start by identifying yourself as a professional. A “driven bank teller” informs the reader that the applicant is interested in advancement opportunities, for example. Next, summarize your best skills and proudest accomplishments. Don’t use “I.” Instead, write statements like, “Offers exceptional customer service.” Our resume builder can help you build a great summary statement!

  • Write a list of relevant skills—emphasis on relevant

    Write a list of relevant skills—emphasis on relevant

    Make a list of skills that pertain to the job. Don’t exceed eight altogether. Choose skills based on the employer’s needs, which they laid out in the job description. Skip irrelevant talents. If you’re applying for a job at a bank, then you don’t need to discuss your superior creative writing skills.

  • Organize your work history section

    Organize your work history section

    Start with your most recent or current job position and work backward. Share the dates that you were employed. Be consistent. Don’t write “Apr. 2012 – Sept. 2015” in one section, then “July 16 – July 17” in another. You don’t need to include experience older than 10 years.

  • Focus on accomplishments, rather than duties

    Focus on accomplishments, rather than duties

    Hiring managers can probably guess what you did by reading your job title, so don’t waste precious page space explaining the many ways that you filed paperwork. By all means, detail some of your duties to prove that you are capable of tackling the job at hand, but don’t create a laundry list. Instead, emphasize your accomplishments and include metrics whenever possible. For example: “Earned a 90% customer satisfaction score for two years in a row.”

  • Utilize strong action verbs

    Utilize strong action verbs

    Highlight your experience by starting each line of your work experience section with a strong action verb. See what we mean and spot the difference in the following statements.

    “Was responsible for a variety of administrative duties, including answering phone calls and book appointments.” VS. “Managed a variety of administrative tasks, including answering phone calls and booking appointments.”

    Though both sentences convey the same message, the second is much more attention grabbing, commanding and does a better job highlighting your skills. Consider using strong action verbs such as managed, executed, created, designed, facilitated, planned, initiated, reconciled, increased, and modified.

  • Education—be specific

    Education—be specific

    Unless your industry requires it, a robust education section can waste valuable resume real estate. So limit what you share. Start with your highest level of education. Identify your degree, and include other relevant studies and groups.

    Don’t discount including your experience with campus organizations—this can help hiring managers understand you better. If you have a college degree, then don’t include your high school diploma. Also, forgo your GPA unless you are a recent graduate or your industry values it.

  • What to leave out

    What to leave out

    For starters, don’t share anything too personal. Employers do not need to know your marital status, or whether you have children (or dogs). Similarly, they won’t benefit from learning your religious or political affiliations. Don’t include your social security number. Unless the job post requests it, abstain from sharing references.

  • How to edit properly

    How to edit properly

    There are several ways to edit your resume well. Try reading it out loud. You’ll be surprised by how many mistakes you can catch when you say the words aloud! Another method is to read your resume from bottom to top, either silently or out loud. This requires more focus which increases the likelihood that you’ll catch a typo in its tracks.

    Pass your resume off to a friend who is knowledgeable about grammar and spelling. It’s not wise to rely on spell-check, but you can use it to catch some things. Sites like Grammarly and Hemingway App are better at identifying errors.

  • Emailing your resume

    Emailing your resume

    Save your resume as a PDF and name it “[your name] resume.” When you save it as a PDF, you prevent formatting errors that may occur when you send a document. Naming it after you helps hiring managers stay organized (and they will thank you for it).

    If you submit your resume via email, then pay attention to the submission requirements. Do you see guidelines for the subject line, email text, or anything else? Unless instructed otherwise, your subject line should identify the position you want. You can throw in a line like “Experienced Branch Manager Application” to brand yourself, but it’s not required.

1. Based on a survey of 322 respondents who canceled the service because they had found a job. Calculation was made based on average annual pay (pre-tax) and how much faster, in average, respondents were able to get hired with My Perfect Resume’s help.