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Great tools! Got a resume built super fast. I really like that they provide sentences/phrases that help make your job descriptions and skills sound professional as well as stand out. Using these tools made me realize how much I have to offer, more than I would’ve said in a resume I built by myself.

-Kimberly M.

How Our Builder Helps You Finish Faster

Use our step-by-step guidance to complete all the essential resume sections quickly – in just a few clicks! Everyone from entry-level candidates to experienced executives find it easy to create all five parts of a resume with My Perfect Resume’s builder. Be confident knowing that every section, from the summary to work history to education, achieves maximum impact thanks to our industry-specific bullet points and carefully designed templates.

  1. Get a Professional Look Easily Our team of designers have planned each section of every template so you can be sure of achieving a professional look. A good format makes it easy to highlight your most notable qualification.
  2. Easily Customize Your Template Our builder allows you to select templates that fit your needs perfectly. The font, format, and style of every template are easy to personalize to create resume sections that reflect you best.
  3. Pass the ATS We optimize our templates to easily pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) checks. Many employers use automated systems to review applications before a human even sees them.
  4. Check for Common Errors Our builder checks your resume sections for the most common mistakes, ensuring your application is 100% professional. That way your resume won’t be eliminated by a hiring manager turned off poor quality.
  5. Stand Out Getting noticed requires you to have both the right parts of your resume and a bold design that catches the eyes. When you use My Perfect Resume, you can be sure of both.
  6. Flexible Files Download your My Perfect Resume as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. Be sure to have the right document type for the requirements of a prospective employer.

Stand out Resume Templates

Using My Perfect Resume, you can easily customize your five resume sections to match your needs.

Whether on your phone or desktop, you can quickly and easily use My Perfect Resume to edit your contact/header, summary statement, skills, work history, and education sections. Job seekers of all experience levels can create a stellar resume using industry-specific text examples and our writing tips. Don’t wait. Take the first step toward getting hired!

Top Tips for Writing Each of the 5 Resume Sections

When applying to a positive, it’s crucial to craft a brilliant resume that impresses both humans and ATS programs. Your resume must show why you are the best candidate for the job in order to get on the “must call” list. Perfectly crafted resume sections are crucial elements to landing a job interview. Use these top tips to master the writing of the five sections of your resume.

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    Contact and header

    Your contact information is the front door of your resume. You’re setting the tone and making your first impression. Ensure that your contact information is up-to-date and that you include your professional name, not just your family nickname. If you don’t have a professional-looking email address, create one.

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    Summary statement

    Think of this section as your elevator pitch (i.e., a quick sales talk). It’s a chance to show off your most relevant and impressive capabilities. The most effective summary sections are concise, compelling, and clearly detail your relevant experience and skills for the position.

    In the old days, it was popular to include an objective statement. However, a potential employer is more interested in what you have to offer than learning what you want.

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    The skills section is both a chance to list your abilities and a way to include keywords from the job listing. Of all the resume sections, this is the densest in terms of communicating the proficiencies that make you qualified.

    Consider using bullet points for your skills section. You can you divide your skills section into subsections. For example, you may separate technical skills from soft skills.

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    Work History

    This is an area for you to really shine. Other job applicants may have similar work experiences, so you need to tell your story of accomplishments. Take the time to clearly outline how your work experiences are a perfect match for the job opening. Use strong verbs and quantifiable metrics to show your strengths.

    Scan the job listing for keywords to include in your resume, as this helps pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) scans of your resume.

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    Depending on your career, the education section may be one of the most important resume sections, so make the most of it. In addition to the relevant degrees, you should include additional completed coursework, training, certifications and awards. You have to meet the basic educational requirements – otherwise, you’ll have to minimize this section to focus the recruiter on your work history.

My Perfect Resume’s Builder Creates All 5 Sections of Your Resume Quickly and Easily

My Perfect Resume’s resume builder is the best way to create all five professional resume sections: contact/header, summary statement, skills, work history, and education. Our templates are HR approved to ensure the best results. In fact, our users get hired 33% faster! All you need to do is :

  • Select one of our proven resumes to best highlight your qualifications.
  • Customize the resume sections with your relevant information.
  • Download as a Microsoft Word document or PDF and send to a hiring manager.