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Featured Resume Example: Bank Branch Manager

Bank Branch Manager Chronological Resume Example


Poised and professional Bank Branch Manager skilled at informing clients about banking products and services while recommending best options to meet needs. Results-riented self mativator with many years in sales and branch management, loan management and general bank operations. Excellent interpersonal skils


SENIOR BRANCH MANAGER 11/D18 to Gurren Bank & Trust Company , Kirby, SD
  • Motivated team members to continuous Improvement in promoting and selling target products.
  • Planned, implemented and tracked sales and marketing strategies to promote brand products.
  • Consulted with product development teams to enhance products based on austomer data.
BANK BRANCH MANAGER 06/2013 to 04/2018 Bank & Trust Company , Kirby, SD
  • Enhanced branch production rates by handling staff conflicts, evaluations, hiring/termination processes, coaching employees on company protocol and payroll operations,
  • Interviewed and hired talented individuals with top-level strengths, improving organizational talent and skil set
  • Maintained confidentiality of bank records and client information to prevent mishandling of data and potential breaches.
ASSISTANT BRANCH MANAGER 06/2010 to02/2013 , Navigant Financial Consulting, Grace Cty.SD
  • Maximized efficiency through effective resource allacation and employee management.
  • Consulted with representatives of regulatory agencies to complete accurate flings and Uphold strict compliance,
  • Protected company assets with strategic risk management approaches leading to a 10% increase in quarterly profs.


  • Business development expertise
  • Strong team builder
  • Bank security expert
  • Revenue generation
  • Cash handling expertise
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business Development
  • Familiar with account coding


Bachelor of Science Finance
South Dakota State University – Brookings, SD

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Bank Branch Managert Resume

  1. Summary Your summary statement should provide a concise overview of your best skills, work experiences and major achievements, all packaged in a few sentences. For example: “Hardworking and enthusiastic bank branch manager with over 12 years of experience in finance. Experienced in hiring, training, mentoring, supervising and disciplining administrative staff.”
  2. Skills Browse through the job description of the branch manager position you’re applying for, and note key terms and phrases that align with your skill set, such as “interpersonal skills,” “leadership” and “relationship-building.” You must also focus on your job-specific management abilities such as “Monitoring financial transactions,” “Implementing business strategies,” and “Organizational and project management skills.”
  3. Work History Use bullet points to highlight your work achievements, using numbers to illustrate your successes whenever possible (e.g., “Managed and supervised 50+ employees” or “Increased branch revenue with deposit and investment balance growth by over 27%”).
  4. Education Mention education credentials you have in finance, accounting, business administration, or any other related fields. You should also list any additional training or certifications you’ve had in management principles or customer service.

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Find the Right Template for Your Resume


This resume template emphasizes the applicant’s name and the summary section using color-shaded quadrants, while also strategically and neatly organizing all other content.


This layout provides a clean, structured look that is easily customizable for different resume formats. The two-column design is easy to navigate, and the applicant’s name is given some flair with a monogram treatment.


Simple but effective, this template uses clean dividing lines to organize sections, with the job applicant’s name displayed prominently in bold at the top.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • DO proofread your resume before submitting it. Banking is a profession that requires precision, so even a single mistake on your resume will reduce your probability of being considered. Make sure to proofread and review your document before you send it in, checking for any grammatical or punctuation errors. If you use our Resume Builder to create your resume, you can use our tools to automatically scan your resume for spelling and grammar.
  • DO remember to feature important soft skills. While banking relies on a good amount of technical knowledge and mathematical abilities, a resume for a manager position should also include soft skills that show your approach to work, such as effective communication and a strong work ethic. Other skills you can mention include team management and goal setting, time management skills and customer service. You should also show how you use these soft skills in your job history section.
  • DO focus on quantifiable achievements. Many daily tasks for bank management will be similar — the way you can separate yourself from other job applicants is by stressing your achievements, supported by numbers and stats. For example, writing “Earned the Pinnacle Award for branch revenue 4 out of 8 quarters” is a better showcase for your expertise than simply describing your standard duties.
  • DON’T make your resume too long. Make sure that you restrict your resume to a maximum of two pages. Studies show that recruiters only spend a few seconds reading a resume, so keep your content concise, using bullet points and punchy phrases. Remove unnecessary information if that is not directly relevant to the job you are applying for, and feature abilities and qualifications that tie in with requirements listed in the job post. For instance, if the job calls for business development through outside calls, in-branch selling and telemarketing, present skills and experiences that show your abilities in these areas.
  • DON’T forget to use relevant keywords in your resume. Using proper industry-related keywords will enhance the chances of your resume getting selected. Analyze your job description and note necessary keywords that need to be included in your resume, such as “staff engagement,” “customer service” and “operational management,” and integrate them with your own skills and experiences. Since many organizations these days are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes, using relevant keywords will also increase your chances of passing the scan.
  • DON’T use first-person pronouns. It’s customary for resumes to avoid the use of “I,” “me” and “my,” which have the effect of making you seem self-centered. Instead, use action verbs to energize your content, and make it punchier. For example, rather than writing “I handled a team of 15 people,” write “Managed team of 15.”

Bank Branch Manager Resume FAQs

1. What are the important skills that are essential for a bank branch manager position?

Consider mentioning the following technical and soft skills for this job role:

Technical skills:Soft skills:
Sales managementCritical thinking
Risk managementStrong work ethic
BudgetingExcellent communication
Business developmentInterpersonal skills
Strategic planningLeadership
Account managementCustomer service
Marketing financial servicesTeamwork/collaboration
Sales managementProblem-solving skills
Branch management and operationsGoal-oriented
Staff training and development
Technical skills:
Sales management
Risk management
Business development
Strategic planning
Account management
Marketing financial services
Sales management
Branch management and operations
Staff training and development
Soft skills:
Critical thinking
Strong work ethic
Excellent communication
Interpersonal skills
Customer service
Problem-solving skills

2. How should you tailor your resume?

The first and most important step while creating your resume is to organize your resume details in such a way that the most important aspect of your resume is highlighted. If you have little or no experience, try to highlight your skills relevant to the job, or if you have years of experience under your belt, highlight your work achievements with stats and figures. Your resume content should emphasize on the keywords used in the job description without exactly copying them. Even if the job demands a skill that you are yet to acquire, you should show your willingness to learn that.

3. How to use proper keywords in the resume?

Today, recruiters use the application tracking system (ATS) so they can easily filter the most relevant candidate. Using the exact industry-related keywords will help your resume to pass the review. Read the job description and get the appropriate keywords and add them to the resume. For example: “managerial abilities,” “team player,” “sales management” and others.

4. How should you format your resume?

Your resume format should depend upon your skills and work experience. If you have more than five years of related work experience, consider using a chronological resume format that emphasizes your work history, working backward from your most recent job, and displaying all your major work achievements. You can also use a combination resume format, which allows you to provide details on both your work experiences and top skills. If you lack experience, opt for a functional resume format, which emphasizes the valuable skills and training you already possess.

For more information on resume formatting, visit our resume format page.

5. How should you craft your resume to take the next step in your career?

To ensure that your resume grabs a recruiter’s attention and helps you move up to a more senior position, include the following points in your resume:

  • Highlight previous projects that have resulted in bottom-line success
  • Proofread your content, ensure that there is no grammatical or punctuation error
  • Mention any additional courses, training or certifications you have in areas such as business or project management that show how you’ve added to your abilities
  • Experiences you’ve had in successfully managing and leading a team