5 Common Customer Service Client Relations Manager Interview Questions & Answers

The first impression you make on any prospective employer will come through your resume and cover letter. These documents are key in landing a job, but they aren't all that's necessary to start bringing in those paychecks. The impression you make during your face-to-face interview is also a vital component.

Acing the interview is especially important for people who are pursuing jobs in customer service, such as a client relations manager position. In this role, you'll be a valuable representative of your company who is expected to handle interactions with its most valued clients. During your interview, your potential employer will want to get a taste of how you deal with other people.

You've probably already thought about basic customer service interview questions such as "Why should we hire you?" However, there are some questions specific to customer service client relations manager interviews that you should also prepare to answer.

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5 Customer Service Client Relations Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. Describe your customer service experience.

After I graduated from high school, I worked for a clothing retailer for a while. There, I learned that customer service is about more than just selling; it is about building relationships. I really enjoyed working with people and learning about the business, so I decided to go to school for business management. As I earned my bachelor's degree, I was able to put my new knowledge to work at my job.

2. Selling is also important for a customer service client relations manager. Tell me about your philosophy on selling.

I want to sell products and services that have real value to customers. I don't want to make them feel pressured into buying, but I do want them to walk away feeling like they've put their money into something worthwhile. I believe that achieving this result comes from a combination of intimate product knowledge and insight into customers' wants and needs.

At previous jobs, I have regularly met my sales goals by having strong relationships with customers and by enthusiastically telling them how a purchase will benefit them. Selling is often all about going the extra mile.

3. As a leader within our company, you'll work with a team of other customer service associates. How do you motivate your team members?

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I believe that positive reinforcement is essential. When someone does a good job, I always try to acknowledge that. I might reward them with some kind words, or, if they've done something especially outstanding, give them written recognition or a material prize. When success is recognized, it has the potential to lead to more success.

When I notice that someone is struggling, I try not to be too negative. I try to help them identify the root of the problem and tackle it. They might need more practice in selling, or maybe they're struggling to find a balance between work and their personal life. When I know why someone isn't doing well, I'm more empowered to help. Of course, every individual is different, so I try to adapt to the personality of the person I'm trying to assist.

4. If you were on the verge of losing a high-value client, how would you handle the situation?

First, I would try to find out why they're leaving. If they thought that they no longer had a use for our products or services, I would try to find a way to point them toward the benefits of sticking with us that maybe they hadn't thought about before. If their budget was a concern, I would use my authority to find the best deal possible for them.

On the other hand, if someone decided to leave out of anger, I would first of all offer a profuse apology and take every reasonable measure to remedy the situation. Even if they did ultimately decide to leave, I would want them to go with the knowledge that their bad experience was the exception at our company, not the rule.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years if you stick with our company for that long?

I'm always interested in career advancement. I may eventually decide to pursue my MBA so I can take an even more active role in promoting the interests of the company. I also hope to have a large and sustainable base of high-value clients that I keep close to the business.

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