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Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
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Last Updated: September 21, 2023

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Start by editing this sample cover letter for a sales executive or explore our 250+  cover letter examples to find the best match for you.

Sales Executive Cover Letter Example Edit this template

Sales executive cover letter (text)

Eliza Baker

Phoenix, AZ 85054
(555) 555-5555

Nov. 28, 2022

Grace Jackson,
Master Electronics
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: 555-555-5555

Dear Ms. Jackson,

In the business world, having a strong, clear relationship with your clients is critical to overall success. I would like to bring my considerable skills in communication, sales negotiation and account management to the sales executive position at Master Electronics.

With more than 15 years of experience as a sales representative and sales assistant account manager, I am highly skilled at lead generation, determining client needs and working in all aspects of high-level sales such as strategy and goal setting, customer service, budgeting and sales promotions. In addition, my diverse positions have allowed me to specialize in negotiation, problem-solving and planning, and I consistently exceed business goals.

The advertised role requires a high level of experience cultivating sales relationships from the ground up. I’m pleased to say that I am exceptionally skilled at developing new opportunities through diverse methods, including cold calling, online professional networking and working closely with  marketing teams, expanding  up to 75% of exposure in key markets. 

My hands-on talents also include developing territory plans, conducting seminars for audiences between 50 and 300 members and creating and delivering executive-level business presentations.

I offer a unique combination of sales and communications skills that I believe make me an ideal fit for your sales executive position. Please take a moment to review my attached resume and credentials. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding my candidacy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Eliza Baker

How to format a sales executive cover letter

A cover letter is a tool to explain why you’re the candidate an employer needs. It allows you to expand on your resume, connect with the hiring manager and take control of your career’s narrative. That’s a lot for one page, but it’s easy to do! 

It all starts with the correct cover letter format.

  1. Use the business format for your sales executive cover

    Cover letters only use the business letter format: 1 and ¼ inch margins, single space and left aligned one-page document. This is standard across all industries. 

    This business format also includes:

    • A header. You can reuse your resume header and add the name, title and company’s name.
    • A greeting, like “Dear Amber Walters,” “Dear Hiring Manager,” or “Dear Sales Department.”
    • A simple closing, like “Thank you,” “Respectfully” or “Sincerely.”

    Using a cover letter template is the best way to ensure your cover letter is formatted correctly and passed most application tracking systems (ATS). Plug it into our Cover Letter Builder and we’ll do the work for you. You’ll have a professional cover letter for a sales executive job in minutes to pair with your resume.

How to write a cover letter for a sales executive

  1. Start with a compelling introduction

    Hook the reader in a direct and concise way. Use an elevator pitch approach to present yourself as the best candidate. Use keywords and action verbs from the job description and also include why you’re interested in this particular position and company.

  2. Use accomplishments to explain why you’re a great fit for the role

    If your opening was successful, the body paragraphs should seal the deal. In two or three paragraphs, talk about your resume accomplishments. Use storytelling to talk about your quantifiable accomplishments, including the resume skills, especially sales skills, you’ve used to achieve them.

  3. Close with a call to action

    The employer should now understand more about you as a candidate. Like our sales executive cover letter example, thank them for their attention and focus on the next step by ending with a call to action. Include a few words that round up why you’re the candidate they need.

Pair your sales executive cover letter with a matching resume

Do’s and don’ts for building a sales executive cover letter

  • Address the recruiter or hiring manager directly.
  • Explain what attracted you to the company in one or two sentences.
  • Customize your sales executive cover letter for the job.
  • Include keywords from the job description throughout.
  • End with a clear call to action.
  • Proofread your cover letter more than once.
  • Write a generic sales executive cover letter.
  • Write more than one page.
  • Use generic salutations, like “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • Regurgitate your sales executive resume.
  • Rely on automatic grammar or spell checkers.
  • Write a fan letter, even if it is your dream job.

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