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5 Common Insurance Account Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Because of your strong resume and cover letter, you earned the opportunity to interview for the insurance account manager position. Now it is time to earn the job by giving an excellent interview. This is such an important step because this is the first time you will meet in person. Confirm the attributes you listed on your resume through your actions and try to establish a connection with the interviewer.

You should review interviewing practices so you are familiar with the best strategies before you go in. To achieve the best chances of success, you should also review the common questions you will likely be asked so you can already know how you are going to answer. The following short list of insurance account manager interview questions will help you know what typical questions you may be asked when interviewing for this position specifically. These are among the most important questions in your interview, so make sure you are completely familiar with them.

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5 Insurance Account Manager Interview Questions & Answers

As an account manager, you will be required to lead many employees. What experience do you have in a leadership position?

At this point, the majority of my working experience has been in leadership positions. I have held positions in the sales, accounting, and human resources fields, all in managerial positions. I am confident when I say that I have had the experience necessary to immediately tackle this insurance account manager position. I have consistently attained success while leading teams of all kinds, so I am certainly qualified.

Part of your responsibilities will be to oversee the work others are doing and make suggestions for improvement while guaranteeing a certain level of performance. Are you qualified to do this?

I believe I am. I have extensive leadership skills, but I think my experience as a sales account manager has prepared me for this requirement the most. In that position, I was required to oversee as many as a dozen client accounts and ensure the salesperson associated with each one was successfully meeting the clients' needs. In this insurance account manager position, I will simply be ensuring that they are meeting the company's needs instead. I anticipate not having any trouble transitioning from one field to the other.

Tell me about how you have developed your communication skills. There are extensive communication requirements associated with this position.

My experience in leadership has required me to develop significant communication skills. It is my personal opinion that communication is at the heart of successful management, so I have prioritized it from the beginning. I also believe that this is the reason for my level of success in leadership. Over the decade that I have been heading up different teams, I have developed the skills necessary to clearly, effectively, and accurately communicate nearly any concept quickly. I believe this skill will absolutely contribute to my success in this position as well.

If hired as an insurance account manager, you must put analysis and risk assessment skills into practice daily. What has prepared you to approach these tasks?

This is very similar to what we were doing in the accounting department as my previous position. It was a big focus for our department to research the statistics we had to make as informed a decision as possible. We were responsible for assessing how risky different proposed projects were and determining any risks that were not brought up already. In the context of insurance, I would be doing essentially the same thing. I am confident in my ability to assess the risks associated with insuring each client and helping my team to do the same.

Tell me about how this insurance account manager position fits in with your long-term career goals.

I have had an extensive career in many different fields. Most recently, I have moved into human resources and I believe this is where I will permanently stay. I already do have experience in human resources, but I still feel this insurance account manager position would help solidify me in this field. I am excited to potentially enter this position and intend to remain in it for several years. Of course, I am always happy to pursue a leadership position such as this one.

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