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5 Common Public Relations Media Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

You feel certain that you have what it takes to be successful in a career as a public relations media coordinator and you've put the final touches on a shining resume to prove exactly that point. Doing so is a good start toward your goal. There's one more critical hurdle between you and your desired job, however, and that's the interview phase when you need to be able to portray your aptitude while sitting across the table from the interviewer.

General interview tips are handy, but the material below is more pertinent since it is geared toward your particular situation. It's all about being adequately prepared for the time you will face your prospective employer. With the right preparation on specific public relations media coordinator interview questions and answers, you can get to the finish line ahead of the competition. You'll be glad you made the effort of studying efficiently, so you can walk into the interview with confidence.

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5 Public Relations Media Coordinator Interview Questions & Answers

Have you ever been in a position when you were given several assignments at the same time, some with tight deadlines? How did you deal with it?

I interned during the summer between my junior and senior year at college with the local newspaper. I assisted the editor of the paper with scheduling and copy editing. I was not only responsible for prioritizing the constantly changing tasks of my own workload, but also keeping the editor's meetings and responsibilities on track according to priorities. I trained the editor on being able to post events on the calendaring software program that the newspaper already owned, but hadn't used prior to that. The editor was able to meet every issue's proofreading deadline during my internship four hours ahead of what was typical, and that four hours makes a big difference in the newspaper business.

Please explain your experience with a work environment where you created and maintained open communication with several organizational levels within the business, from support services staff to executive level.

I volunteered to be in charge of my sorority's annual holiday charity food bank, which is held in partnership with a large tech company in town. I was responsible for arranging all the funding for the event in discussions with the firm's top executives, making arrangements for the storage of the supplies with their facilities personnel, and creating and disseminating notices in conjunction with their clerical staff. We received more donations during that drive than any previous year.

Have you been in a position where you were called on to make a statement to the media on behalf of the company?

I was interviewed on live television twice to announce my sorority's food bank, and also once afterward to thank all the participants in town for supporting the effort. It was a great experience, and the president of the firm we partnered with called me after seeing the interview to congratulate me on doing an excellent job.

Do you have experience with writing press releases?

Yes, in addition to the press releases I wrote and distributed for the food bank event, I also wrote press releases while I was a member of the volunteer staff at the local animal shelter to promote their new facilities and services. I trained my replacement so the animal shelter could continue to benefit from good public relations.

What is your experience and comfort level using computers and software programs?

I understand the importance of staying abreast of the technology that makes my job easier and my performance more professional. Since time is of the essence in the public relations field, I want to be comfortable using all the equipment and not fighting with it, so I belong to a tech forum based out of the college I attended that gives tutorials and answers questions about computer software and hardware. It's a great resource that allows me to have confidence using the equipment and applications.

As you prepare to answer common public relations media coordinator interview questions, follow the examples above to brush up your own experience and training to show how you are uniquely qualified. Be clear about your understanding of the responsibilities of the position so the interviewer can see that you are prepared to succeed in the position. Preparation will put you in good standing among the other candidates and give you secure footing on the path towards a career as a public relations media coordinator.

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