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5 Important School Nurse Interview Tips

If you are hoping to land your dream job as a school nurse, you may already have a stellar resume and cover letter that you sent to school districts near you. But are you ready for your first interview? When being considered for a job, applicants are frequently interviewed more than once. At the initial interview you will have an opportunity to make a stellar first impression, which may lead to consecutive interviews and hopefully a job offer.

In every industry there are general tips that interviewees should abide by. These often include dressing nicely, bringing your resume or portfolio with you and arriving ten minutes before your scheduled appointment. Did you know there are ways to make your interview even more successful based on the industry you work in? Certain skills need to be highlighted in order to make yourself stand apart from other job applicants. Check out the five school nurse interview tips below.

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School Nurse Interview Tips

Show Your Credentials: As a professional in the medical field, you know how important it is to have the proper education and licensing before you are allowed to practice. Depending on the school district, school nurses may be required to be a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. In some states you need a bachelor's degree in order to become an RN. As someone who works with children, any additional training that you have received, such as childhood development education or strategies for dealing with behavioral issues, would be beneficial. Be prepared to show proof of your credentials to your interviewer.

Highlight Your Ability to Work Under Pressure: School nurses play a very important role in a student's daily experience. You may be looked at with admiration each time you tend a wound or soothe a tummy ache. The job sounds bucolic, but experienced school nurses can tell you it gets hectic in the nurse's office sometimes. You may have several children with a myriad of woes at one time, or you may experience a nonstop flow of sick kids all day long. Quiet, peaceful days are not the norm. During your interview, bring up your past experience taking care of multiple issues at one time. Perhaps you've worked as a triage nurse or in an urgent care clinic. Whatever the case, choose specific examples to share, and tell how you handled stress on a daily basis.

Let Your Love of Children Shine Through: In spite of the busy schedule at work, your love of children can carry you through the day. School nurses are usually very dedicated individuals who care deeply for kids and are eager to help them stay healthy and happy. If you've worked with children before, make sure you let your interviewer know. Your previous experience may be in a medical setting, an educational environment or a childcare facility. Share a few reasons why you enjoy working with children, and be prepared to give examples of how to appropriately diffuse a situation in which a child becomes upset.

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Emphasize Your Organizational Skills: As a busy school nurse, you may have many tasks to accomplish at once. Students may need medications at specific times during the day, forms may need to be filled out and sent home, and you may have meetings with parents or staff members. In order to keep everything straight, you will need to be exceptionally organized. If the school already has a system in place for staying on track, you will need to be able to adapt to it. On the other hand, the job may require you to design and implement a system. In that case you will need to be able to talk about your organizational skills. Choose a true example to relate in which you were handed a mess and were able to wrangle it into order.

Ask Pertinent Questions: Before the interview draws to a close, take a moment to ask a few questions that are important to you. You may want to know if the school district offers continuing education, for example, or ask about opportunities for advancement into management. Additionally, you may want to know about the summer schedule: will you be required to work year-round, or will you adhere to the students' schedule?

By taking these five school nurse interview tips into consideration, your first interview is more likely to be a success. Hopefully you'll be asked for a second interview and finally receive a job offer.

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