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5 Impressive Social Media Specialist Interview Tips

You have hit your goal, getting your foot in the door for a social media specialist position at your top-choice company. Now only one thing stands between you and your dream job, and that's the job interview. A social media specialist interview provides the best opportunity to impress your employer-to-be, letting you showcase your skills, experience and personality face to face. You know doing well on an interview is crucial, but do you really know how to bat that social media specialist interview out of the park? Nowadays, it takes more than just being able to say you've used social media to get a seat at the table. Consider these social media specialist interview tips to hit a home run on your interview.

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Social Media Specialist Interview Tips

Get Personal: While strictly professional is the way to go in most interviews, interviews for social media positions can be different. Social media specialists are called upon to enhance brand performance by connecting with consumers at a more meta, and often more personal, level. So get personal! Share information about which social media networks you use in your free time, how often you use them, pros and cons of each, even which ones you avoid and why. A social media specialist has to know the ins and outs of this medium, and that means using social media beyond the job. Work in your personal social media experience to make an impression.

Highlight Your Software Skills: Bitly, Hootsuite, Buffer – it seems like the social media management tools sprouted up just as fast as the social media networks. Understanding how to use social media analytics and management tools can quickly put you ahead of the competition when interviewing for a social media specialist job. Be ready with pros and cons of each type of software as well as how you use them to streamline a brand's social media performance. Your hiring manager will be impressed both by your knowledge of industry tools and your ability to quickly learn new software.

Read the Company's Social Media Accounts: It should go without saying, but if you're interviewing to handle social media for a company, make sure you've read its social media accounts! These accounts can offer invaluable insight into the voice and tone of the brand and how it interacts with customers. Are there one or two tweets that you really liked? Maybe a Facebook post that you thought was especially effective? Share that. Dropping these little gems throughout your interview shows the hiring manager you take time to do your due diligence.

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Dress the Part: Social media specialist may sound like a less buttoned-up position than others, but it doesn't mean you should show up to your interview any less polished than you would for a job in a bank. For some people, the title social media specialist conjures up images of fresh-out-of-school hipsters in a super-casual office. If that's your target company's aesthetic, by all means dress to match! However, don't assume. Do your homework. Company staff lists and social media accounts are excellent places to mine for pictures that show how employees there dress.

Share Examples of Success: Just about anybody who's ever used Facebook thinks they have what it takes to be a social media specialist. Companies know that, and the job interview is a time to separate the true specialists from the pretenders. Have you ever drastically increased a brand's Facebook follows, or grown followers to a key Pinterest account? If so, by how much? Be prepared for pointed questions about success and come armed with information that makes that success seem more tangible. Be ready to provide example key performance indicators in the form of site visit percentage increases and similar metrics to prove that you have something more than just basic social media experience.

Being lucky enough to get a job interview is one thing. Keeping your cool, acing the interview and getting a call back is quite another. The former can depend on timing and a little luck. The latter, however, can be all up to you. Fortunately, taking a little free time to do your homework on the company and the industry can be all it takes to get you ahead. Try out these social media specialist interview tips to close the deal on your perfect social media job.

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