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5 Valuable Employee Benefits Account Manager Interview Tips

Pairing the perfect resume with an equally impressive cover letter will get you in the door, and now it's time to show exactly why you're deserving of the job. Hiring managers are often apprehensive during interviews, wary of candidates who might look good on paper and then underwhelm in person. It's up to you to go into your interview with a clear directive and the type of attitude and personal presentation that will keep you on the company's radar.

In every industry there are a number of important practices that people use successfully in their interviews. You should draw attention to your past successes and compare those to some of the objectives that will come with this new position. Let the hiring manager know that you're not just a good candidate for any job, but for this job. In addition to the best general practices, here are some employee benefits account manager interview tips to help you thrive during your appointment.

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Employee Benefits Account Manager Interview Tips

Know Your Coverages: Depending on the size of the business, there may be a variety of insurance options for the employees. Before the meeting gather some general information about health and dental, disability, and workers' compensation. It's important that you're able to present concrete knowledge of different plan types and costs. Speak with authority about past benefit programs that you either implemented or enrolled in as an employee, and feel free to ask specific insurance questions during the interview. That will show that you're interested in the work and knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Lean On Your Customer Service Skills: While an employee benefits account manager isn't working with customers per se, a large portion of the job is replying to employee queries and assisting them with the product (their benefits). Bring up your past experiences helping coworkers understand insurance and retirement plans, as well as any other instances in which you effectively explained work-related matters. The interviewer will be looking for applicants who are able to relay information in a concise and friendly manner, so consider that as you prepare.

Talk About Your Need to Stay Organized: Managing employee benefits requires an extreme amount of organization, as each employee may have multiple policies and unique situations. Anyone working in human resources will likely be organized, so in order to make yourself stand out as an ideal job candidate you should give the interviewer a glimpse into your world of systemizing information. Explain how you stay up-to-date with regulations and trends; perhaps even discuss an average day at your last job to illustrate your procedures. This is a good time to also mention how you categorize things electronically, as handling sensitive digital information is of increasing concern to business owners. By the end of the interview, make sure you've used the opportunity to explain your organization skills instead of just stating that you have them.

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Promote Your Technical Savvy: Different businesses will use different software for tracking and offering things like medical plans and 401K programs. It's important that you're familiar with some of the usual suspects like Excel, Word and Outlook. You should also make a point to bring up what contact management systems you've used at previous jobs. HR is a continually evolving field as more and more benefit programs are exclusively covered online. The hiring manager will be looking for someone who may need to be educated on a certain program, but not someone who needs to be brought up to speed on the digital movement as a whole.

Be Prepared to Talk About Licensing: This position will likely require that you hold or obtain certain insurance licenses. If you aren't licensed already, learn about the process so that you can deliver a timeline in which you can get the necessary certificates. After you finish reading up on employee benefits account manager interview tips, you should look into the continuing education courses that might be required of you and preempt that conversation with the hiring agent by listing the available classes you plan to attend.

There may be dozens of other applicants who also submitted excellent resumes, so the face-to-face meeting is your chance to prove that you'll go above and beyond to meet your employer's expectations. By using these employee benefits account manager interview tips, you can win the interviewer over and give yourself a leg up on the competition.

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