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6 Common Assistant Personnel Officer Interview Questions & Answers

Writing a stellar resume and cover letter is one of the first steps in the job search process, and it should be followed by interview preparation. The first face-to-face meeting often sets the hiring manager's opinion of you in a positive or negative way. You have to ace the meeting if you want to have a chance of landing the open position. To be the best you can be means you have to practice for the interview.

You can practice your answers to common inquiries and review basic best practices to start your preparation steps. These generalized tips give you a strong foundation for forming articulate answers and exuding confidence. However, looking at specific assistant personnel officer interview questions and their answers may help you stand out from the competition because of the exact knowledge you can gain.

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6 Assistant Personnel Officer Interview Questions & Answers

If you were to get the assistant personnel officer position, where would you expect to see yourself in five years?

If I get this assistant personnel officer position, I would expect to be a human resources specialist in five years' time. I am currently a sophomore at the State University pursuing a bachelor's degree in human resources. I should obtain my degree in two years, which will allow me to move up in the company when a position opens. Until then, I will work hard in the assistant personnel officer job to ensure I gain the best experience possible.

This position requires you to use a variety of computer applications. Would you be comfortable with this?

I am fairly computer literate, so I would be comfortable using a variety of computer applications. I have a clerical background, so I have used a host of Microsoft products, including Word, Excel and Access. At my last job I was also expected to update the digital calendar and send everyone in the office notifications via email.

What experience do you have as an assistant personnel officer?

I do not have any experience as an assistant personnel officer, but I do have a clerical background and an associate's degree in business. With my clerical background I was able to gain important skills, such as organization, communication, and decision making, as well as experience with computers. Thanks to my degree, I have a technical knowledge of the inner workings of a business. I will be able to use these two related experiences to be a successful and efficient assistant personnel officer.

What have you done to improve your knowledge related to the assistant personnel officer position in the past year?

In the past year, I have finished my associate's degree in business. This education helped me gain a more technical knowledge of the position and the workings of the business. I also attended a human-resources-related workshop just last month that covered important techniques related to training. I think it is important to participate in career-building activities on a regular basis, which is why I try to attend a seminar or conference every other month.

What do you think are the most important qualities for an assistant personnel officer to have?

I think is it imperative an assistant personnel officer is able to communicate clearly, interact with a variety of people and be trusted. Communication is vital because these assistants are expected to explain the schedule to their direct superior and talk with employees. In a similar manner, an assistant personnel officer has to be comfortable interacting with a variety of people because he or she will be expected to talk with customers, employees and stakeholders with different backgrounds. An assistant has to be trusted because he or she will work with confidential information. These three skills are needed for a successful career.

How would you describe the responsibilities of this type of position?

In order to understand the role of the assistant, I think you must first look at the role of the personnel officer. Someone in this position is expected to make hires, train employees, hold career coaching classes and check up on current employees. As an assistant, then, this position would require someone who can schedule appointments, make phone calls and stay organized all while maintaining a friendly attitude toward potential, and current, employees. Many of the responsibilities would likely be clerical to ensure the personnel officer can do his or her job.

Review these and other assistant personnel officer interview questions to gain specific knowledge about what it takes to ace an interview in this industry.

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