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6 Common Legal Nurse Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

You're passionate about what you do, and that outstanding conviction shines through in both your resume and your cover letter. On paper, you're the ideal job candidate. Of course, to land the job you want, it takes more than a few well-crafted documents. You have to make the best impression possible when you go in for your face-to-face interview.

As a legal nurse consultant, you'll not only have to put your medical skills to use, but you'll also have to prove to be an outstanding communicator. You'll be working with lawyers and other professionals to examine the medical aspects of legal cases, and you need to make sure that your whole team understands your perspective. Your job interview is your opportunity to let it be known how good you are at getting your message across.

You'll probably face some common legal nurse consultant interview questions, such as "Why should we hire you?" However, there are some questions specific to the job that you should also have in mind.

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6 Legal Nurse Consultant Interview Questions & Answers

Describe how your nursing experience would help you as a legal nurse consultant.

I've worked in several different nursing environments, including at a hospital and at a private clinic. In these busy settings, I've seen a wide range of medical cases. I've learned how to interpret medical data and notice details that others with less experience might miss.

I've been a nursing team leader, and this really helped my communication skills. I often had to explain processes to fellow team members, including CNAs and nurses who were fresh out of nursing school. I also had to frequently talk to patients, explaining procedures and giving them instructions for their continued care.

In this job, you might come across medical topics that you're not an expert on. Tell me about your research skills.

I always enjoy learning new things. I try to stay up to date on the latest medical news by reading professional journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine. I also have a network of professionals with whom I try to keep up. They're an invaluable resource when I need a second opinion or I come across something that falls outside my realm of expertise. I'm also familiar with other information resources, such as medical encyclopedias and online databases.

You may have to testify in court. How do you perform under pressure?

I worked as an ER nurse for a while, so I know what it is like to work in a high-pressure situation. I realize that a busy ER is going to be different from a courtroom, but I have learned how to stay calm even when the walls seem to be closing in. One night at the ER, we were understaffed, and we got an unusually high number of patients. I was the lead nurse on duty, and I managed to guide the team through the night.

We don't always have cases that require a medical consultant. Is your schedule flexible so we can call you when we need you?

I work a fairly consistent schedule at my other job, but it is flexible enough for me to be available when you need me. I'm good at returning phone calls and emails, so it is easy to get in touch with me. I may eventually try to work my way into acting full-time as a consultant for different firms. When that happens, my schedule will be even more open to taking on cases when you need me.

You may be given access to sensitive information. How do you feel about data security and patient privacy?

I feel that both are very important. I always keep my personal devices up to date on their security settings, and I keep my work files separate from my personal files at all times. I'm also familiar with all HIPAA laws.

What certifications do you have that make you qualified as a legal nurse consultant?

I obtained the LNCC certification, so I know the ins and outs of how to act as a legal nurse consultant. I did well on the LNCC exam even though there is no official course that is a prerequisite for earning the certification. I enjoy taking advantage of ongoing educational opportunities, and I plan on continuing to expand my knowledge.

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