6 Common Patient Access Supervisor Interview Questions & Answers

Getting hired in one of the many specialties in the medical field can seem like an overwhelming task, at times. Once you've perfected your resume and crafted your cover letter, you have done most of the work to help you get hired. The next key thing to keep in mind is to do a great job at your in-person interview. If you're not sure what to expect during the interview, here are some possible patient access supervisor interview questions that could help.

When your interview first begins, the hiring manager may start with general questions about your long-term career plans, your goals and your reasons for seeking employment with the organization. These questions are designed to get to know you a little better and to evaluate your motivation and attitude. Throughout the interview, you may also be asked more specific questions dealing with the position. There are a few sample questions listed below along with possible answers that may help you during this vital step.

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6 Patient Access Supervisor Interview Questions & Answers

1. With this particular job, there is a component of being able to manage others. Tell me about your leadership style.

I have a long history of supervisory experience with my previous positions. As a manager, I have always started with a strong sense of open communication among the team. I think by spelling out clear expectations and making sure employees are able to be heard is a big part of managing people effectively. It's also essential to have a common, overarching mission or goal that everyone understands. If everyone is working toward the same thing, it makes team members feel more cohesive as a group.

2. For this position in our organization, one of your duties may have to deal with quality assurance. How do you ensure quality care is provided to patients?

Quality assurance in the health setting is important in order to make sure patient care is meeting the most current industry standards. There are many different methods of measuring the care's quality. I have found patient surveys post-care to be very beneficial when it comes to patient satisfaction. I think it is helpful to measure the number of patient interactions, the amount of time medical care providers spend with each patient, how long time is spent waiting before an appointment and attitudes after an interaction on the phone.

3. Why have you decided to pursue employment in the healthcare field?

I have always been fascinated by the medical field. When I began my career, I found satisfaction from helping patients get access to better care and elevating the quality of the services that a medical facility offers. While I originally worked as an administrative assistant in a healthcare office, I often had ideas for improving different procedures that would continue to give patients access to better care. That is what led me to begin working as a patient access supervisor.

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4. What are some things you do on a regular basis to keep up with the changing laws and regulations in the industry around the country?

I strive to be constantly aware of the specific changes to important regulations in this industry. Throughout my career, I have attended major conferences and workshops that have helped me develop even more skills in this field.

5. Describe a situation where you needed to train a new employee, and it was not going well. How did you turn the situation around?

This happened recently in my career. One of our new hires was for patient registration in the emergency room. This woman had never worked in a fast-paced environment like the emergency department and had problems keeping up with the constant stream of patients. After a few days of her getting overwhelmed during her shift, I took her off the schedule and put her back into more training and shadowing for a few more days. This helped her develop the stamina that is necessary for this line of work. I learned that everyone develops at his or her own pace.

6. This job requires the applicant to have strong communication skills. Give me an idea about your ability to communicate with others.

I think my communication skills are strong. I have a lot of experience writing reports, memos and policies for various hospital departments. I have even more experience discussing and working together with all types of staff members in a medical facility.

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