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6 Powerful Corporate Communications Specialist Interview Tips

Corporate communications specialists are a unique breed of communication professionals. They focus on the nuances of corporate communication but at the same time are responsible for looking at the big picture and maintaining the corporation's overall tone and message about their brand. By making it to the interview process, you have shown the corporation's interviewer that you have honed skills in a wide variety of communication areas and are aware of the unique conditions of working for a corporation. The corporate communications specialist interview tips will help you to fully display your education, training, and outlook as a professional.

More than ever, corporations are looking for the full package when they are hiring communications specialists. This means that to perfect the interview, you must display your knowledge and skills in a broad array of value-added communication modalities such as social media, writing designed for internal and external audiences, graphic design, and video production. The following corporate communications specialist interview tips will give you a leg up on the competition and add to your interview success.

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Corporate Communications Specialist Interview Tips

Show That You Are Both a Detail-Oriented and a Big-Picture Person: Corporate communications encompasses all communication activities that a corporation initiates, both within and outside the organization, so you will need to communicate that you have a large vision, as well as a vigilant eye on the details. Think of times when you have used a variety of public relations methods to solve a complex corporate communication problem. This is the time to shine by being able to crisply articulate what you did to solve the problem while working with a wide variety of individuals to agree upon a solution.

Express That You Are Aware of Brand Consistency: Communications specialists take on the responsibility of moderating communications throughout the corporations they serve. You will want to mention that you have the expertise to use various resources such as social media monitoring. This will show that you know it is important to stay aware of the message communicated about the corporation both internally and externally. In turn, as a communications specialist you will need to work to ensure that corporate messages and campaigns stay consistent with the company brand and communicate a positive message. Before you walk through the doors, make sure you understand the company's specific brand and message, too.

Make Sure You Can Articulate the Difference Between the External and Internal Roles of a Corporate Communications Specialist: Specify internal communication functions in a corporation such as communication facilitation between departments, production of employee bulletins and promotion of company-wide human resources initiatives. Note that external functions of a corporate communications specialist would include such diverse tasks as writing annual investor reports, orchestrating involvement in charities, and acting as a media liaison.

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Emphasize How Well Rounded You Are: Corporate communications is an excellent path to take if you have superior writing skills. Your interpersonal communication and public speaking skills will still be utilized, but your talents at crafting a message in writing will be better used in this position as opposed to a media relations position. Make sure that you mention any added creative expertise that you can bring to the table, such as graphic arts skills or video production.

Draw Attention to Your Educational and Vocational Assets: Normally general communications studies graduates are candidates for corporate positions, but if you have a Bachelors in Corporate Communications, be sure to mention that distinction. What type of internships or entry level public relations positions have you held, and how did they help you grow your communications specialist skills and experience? If you have a Public Relations Society of America membership, mention that as well.

Dress Appropriately: In your role as a corporate communications specialist, you will be expected to exude a highly professional image yet be approachable at the same time. Stick with professional attire that favors smart over stuffy. What is considered smart casual is usually the rule of the day. The same goes for your demeanor at the interview.

The interview is just a quick snapshot of your educational and professional experience. Your utilization of industry-specific interview tips shows that you are cognizant of the role of education, professionalism and experience in the attainment of your career goals. Make that brief period of time count, and put your research on display, winning with these corporate communications specialist interview tips.

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