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Do You Have Any Questions for Us

Typically- when you get asked interview questions- you have to work hard to highlight your skills and accomplishments. When it comes to the common "do you have any questions for us" query- you have to take a different approach. Some interviewers may instead say "anything you want to hear from us" or "if you have any questions- go ahead and ask them now." No matter how the inquiry is phrased- a hiring manager is looking for something from you.

The way you answer or what you ask is going to say a lot about your interest in the job. Did you take the time to research the company- or do you have to ask simple questions about the business? Because the interviewer is using this time to figure out your dedication to the position- do not ask questions that may make it seem like you are not interested in the job. You can easily answer this question after a bit of preparation.

How to Answer the "Do You Have Any Questions for Us" Interview Question

Ask About the Job: This question gives you the opportunity to find out more about the job. Take the time to figure out whether this position is right for you. You should consider asking about how the job came to be. Did someone leave- or is it a new position? You can also get a sense of what your future might look like if you accept the position. You can ask something like- "how long does someone typically stay in this job- and how can he grow?" You can also get a better sense of what might be expected of you by asking what the most important skills for the business are or what the biggest challenges might be. Be sure to do research by reading the job description and learning more about the company. Try to avoid asking questions you already know the answer to.

Ask About the Company: When you get the chance to ask interview questions- prepare a few questions about the company. Making this type of request will show you want to learn more about the business itself. You may want to ask about the size of your potential department or how feedback is given to employees. Learning more about the company is great- but you should avoid asking simple questions about the industry or the history of the company. It is imperative that you do some research before you go into the interview. If you are not prepared- your silent response to the "do you have questions for us" inquiry may put you in a bad light. This is typically the last interaction you have with the hiring manager- so you want to make sure to leave on a good note.

Ask About the Process: Finally- you can ask the interviewer about the next steps in the process. This will help you figure out what you should expect. Will you get called either way- or only if they want to continue with the interviewing process? Who can you email to find out how the process is going? How soon is the company hoping to fill the open position? Asking about the process can help prepare you- and it shows the hiring manager that you are really interested in the job.

Sample "Do You Have Any Questions for Us" Interview Answers

1. I am glad to get the opportunity to ask you some questions. I have been wondering for a little clarification about the position itself. The job description did not really clarify whether this was going to be a replacement- or if the position is new. Obviously- if I were to be taking over for someone- it would be much different than if I were going to be stepping into a new role in the business. Did someone have this title before- or is it a new opening created to fulfill some sort of role that had previously been lacking? If it is new- do you know how success is going to be measured for this job? Who will I report to- and will anyone report to me?

2. Thank you for the opportunity to ask a few questions and for taking the time to talk with me. I did want to learn a bit more about the company. I know it is an innovative leader in the industry- but it seems like the employment numbers have been fairly steady. I am curious whether people stay with the company for a long time- or if there is quite a bit of turnover. I am looking for something long-term- so I want to make sure I will be able to stay here for a long time if I were to get the job.

Of course- the interview questions you ask will vary based on what you have already discussed with the hiring manager. Get your most important questions answered first- so you can figure out if this is the right company for you.

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