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What Are Your Standards of Success in School?

A frequently asked interview questions are- "what are your standards of success in school? What have you done to meet these standards?" If you get asked questions like this- interviewers are looking to see how you have held yourself to a high standard and what steps you are able to take to meet your goals. If you are a high school dropout- you may dread this question.

The important part of this question is that the way you answer it demonstrates what you consider to be good work. Even if you did not perform the best in school- there are ways to phrase your response that will result in making you appear as a qualified candidate. Think ahead of time of how you will answer if you get asked this question- so it doesn't catch you off your guard.

How to Answer the "What Are Your Standards of Success in School? What Have You Done to Meet These Standards?" Interview Questions

Reflect on Examples: If you are getting asked these questions in an interview- it is likely for a position that requires a high school diploma or college education. It is a perfect opportunity for you to speak on a project that was particularly demanding. If you completed a large research paper- achieved some kind of honor- or were involved in leadership positions in school clubs- make sure to share such things to exemplify how you were able to adhere to a high standard. Your achievements in school reflect the dedication you put into obtaining them- so it is good to be prepared to provide examples.

Consider What the Employer Is Looking For: Going through school involves learning a number of skills. It is important to always show up to class on time. Regular assignments must be completed by due dates. The quality of work performed is rated on a grading scale. If you have a college education- you know that the major you choose requires different skills and reflects what kind of work you like to do. When you are asked "what are your standards of success in school? What have you done to meet these standards?"- there are a number of ways you could answer. Think about what skills you practiced in school ahead of time- and decide which ones will be best to share depending on the job you are applying for.

Focus on The Skills You Developed: When you talk about what your standards of success in school are- don't just answer the question. Use the time to talk about how you demonstrated certain skills and qualities in order to adhere to these standards. For example- if you rose to a leadership position in an academic club- you can talk about what you did to get to that point- and reflect on how that position gave you more experience for the professional world. If you did a lot of writing- you could talk about how you had to practice different writing skills- and then share some specific skills you utilized in order to get good grades on writing assignments.

Sample "What Are Your Standards of Success in School? What Have You Done to Meet These Standards?" Interview Answers

To me- success in school means always being prepared and implementing what I have studied. In order to perform well on exams for my Psychology major- I would always review the chapters we were about to test on. Part of being prepared also meant taking good notes in class that I could review before a test. I would go over my notes and highlight the most important parts. I considered my score on an exam to be a reflection of my commitment in that class. When I am doing work I am passionate about- it is important to cover every angle and not cut corners. I definitely learned what that meant through my work completing my major program.

In school- I really enjoyed English. Being an excellent student for me meant going above and beyond what was required of me in class. That's why I joined the English Honor Society- where we regularly discussed topics ranging from writing strategies to classic literature. I was elected as the president of the club for my senior year. As the president- I had an important role in deciding what we would discuss- getting guest speakers to appear- and leading the discussion when others didn't have something to say or were getting off track. I think this demonstrates my leadership skills as well as my ability to go further than what is required of me. That is the standard I hold myself to not just in school- but in any job I work as well.

Having read some interview strategies for the "what are your standards of success in school? What have you done to meet these standards?" interview questions- you are now more prepared to show in an interview why you are an excellent job candidate.

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