Instructor Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Your cover letter is the place where you can create an excellent impression on a potential employer. Your letter should be specific to each job you apply to, demonstrating to the hiring manager that you have noticed the details of their business. The strongest cover letters emphasize skills and knowledge that will not be obvious from reading the accompanying resume. A free instructor cover letter sample, like the one below, will help you get started on your own cover letter. The following advice will assist you in accomplishing your cover letter goals.

Dear Ms. Dean,

I have had a passion for teaching my entire life. My education, my personality, and my experience make me an ideal candidate for the position of instructor.

I have four years of experience instructing in a similar classroom situation. This experience allowed me to develop the necessary problem solving and management skills while honing my educational style.

Having obtained my certification five years ago, I am fully qualified for this position. I have continued my education through workshops and supplementary courses to remain knowledgeable of classroom techniques.

With my experience gained in the classroom, I am prepared to take on the challenges of your instructor position. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing any questions you may have during an interview.

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What to Include in an Instructor Cover Letter

As you can determine from this free instructor cover letter sample, a cover letter should be three or four brief paragraphs that are designed to convince the hiring manager why you are the best candidate for the position. The opening paragraph should include the job you are applying to and a brief summary of the skills you will talk about in the letter. The conclusion should always thank the hiring manager for his or her time and include an invitation to contact you for an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Create a cover letter that is unique to your skills and experience, using the above free instructor cover letter sample as a guide. For further assistance, consider including the following industry specific words in your letter.

● Active listening: Instructors often need the ability to devote their full attention to what others are saying, and ask questions as appropriate.
● Personal service: The ability to assess the needs of a student and meet them, while meeting educational standards.
● Instructing: Teaching individuals or a group of people how to do something.
● Coaching and developing: Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of students, and being able to develop those at an appropriate pace.