Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Example + Tips

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If you want to get hired in a top school system, your cover letter’s ability to persuade must be on point. For institutions that may get hundreds of applicants for one open position, you need to differentiate yourself. The right cover letter can help introduce you while also showing examples of how you could find success at the school. Instead of toiling over the cover letter’s writing process for days, try reading this free elementary teacher cover letter sample for inspiration. Get more ideas about how to put yourself on center stage for the hiring manager or principal.

Dear Ms. Lucas,

It is my sincere belief that educators can make a lasting impact on a child’s life. In the vulnerable elementary years, this is even more important. I am seeking to make an impact on the students at your school, so please consider me for your open elementary teacher position.

I have been working in education for 13 years. I bring with me experience throughout all of the grades of elementary school. I also bring a strong amount of knowledge about the Common Core and best teaching practices.

In my classroom, my students become like family to me during the school year. I give each and every student an individual amount of attention that allows him or her to grow. I have seen my students make considerable gains in reading and math each year.

This year I would love to join the faculty at your school. I would be honored to speak to you in person to discuss more of my experience. Please allow me to thank you now for graciously considering me for this opportunity.

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What to Include in an Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

In the education field, cover letters are an important way to help get your file noticed. As you begin writing, look at the free elementary teacher cover letter sample, and follow its format. Start off mentioning your interest in the position, give details expanding upon your resume, and conclude by asking for an interview.

Industry Specifics to Include

Principals and hiring managers of school districts have a specific set of qualities in mind for potential teacher candidates. The free elementary teacher cover letter sample can help in this department. You may also find the following list of attributes helpful to include:

● Patience: Working with a variety of young learners means you need to be patient with behaviors and other situations that come up in the classroom.
● Resourcefulness: You must also be good at using a set of limited resources due to possible budget cuts or other issues.
● Creative Ideas: Teachers plan lessons and activities for students that aim to engage learners, so you must be equipped with some sort of creativity.
● Ability to Communicate: Teachers must model exemplary communication skills to their students. They must also be able to use written communication effectively to parents and other staff members.