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Last Updated: April 18, 2024
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An elementary teacher’s work is both challenging and rewarding. They teach various subjects — including math, science and reading — to young students from kindergarten to fifth grade. They play a crucial role in their students’ intellectual, social, physical and emotional development, so they must be patient, creative and organized to teach and support their students effectively. 

Even the most well-written resume won’t be enough to land you a job as an elementary teacher. You must pair it with an impressive cover letter to elevate your job application. Use our guide to writing a cover letter for an elementary teacher job, along with our elementary teacher cover letter examples, to help you create an engaging and effective cover letter.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Example Edit this template

Elementary teacher cover letter (text)

Valerie Burton

San Diego, CA 92111
(555) 555-5555

Jan. 23, 2024

Joanna Holman,
Elevate Elementary School
San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: (555) 555-5555
E-Mail: example@example.com

Dear Joanna Holman,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the elementary teaching position at Elevate Elementary School, as advertised. With over a decade of experience in nurturing young minds and fostering a positive learning environment, I am excited about the prospect of contributing my skills and passion for education to your school community. My commitment to personalized instruction, innovative teaching methods and creating a supportive classroom atmosphere aligns seamlessly with your school’s mission and values.

In my previous role as an elementary teacher at Edison Elementary School, I demonstrated exceptional proficiency in designing and implementing effective lesson plans that catered to diverse learning styles for over 500 students. My commitment to student success is reflected in the consistent improvement of standardized test scores and academic achievements. In addition, over the past five years, I consistently increased student proficiency in reading by 20%, and math scores improved by 15%, exceeding district averages.

My classroom management skills include ensuring a conducive and respectful learning atmosphere. I possess excellent communication skills, fostering strong partnerships with parents and creating an open dialogue to support student development. Additionally, my incorporation of technology into lessons has enhanced student engagement and comprehension, earning recognition for innovation in teaching methods.

I am excited about the prospect of joining Elevate Elementary School and contributing to its reputation for academic excellence. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience align with the goals and values of your school. Thank you for considering my application.

Valerie Burton

How to format an elementary teacher cover letter

A cover letter is your chance to connect with a potential employer. In it, you can expand on your resume, introduce yourself to the hiring manager and show them exactly why you’re the perfect fit for the job. That’s a lot for one page, but it can be done! 

It all begins with the correct cover letter format.

  1. Use the standard business format for your elementary teacher cover letter

    A cover letter is a business letter, so use a traditional business letter to guide your elementary teacher cover letter format.

    Here are some tips for formatting your cover letter for an elementary school teacher job: 

    • Start with a professionally designed cover letter template
    • Use only acceptable fonts, such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial in 11 or 12-point size. Unusual fonts like Comic Sans tend to confuse applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use to scan cover letters and resumes.
    • Create one and ¼-inch margins on all sides of your document.
    • Use single spacing with double spacing between paragraphs. 
    • Align all text to the left margin throughout your elementary teacher cover letter.
    • Be concise. Your letter should contain 500 words maximum and fit on one page.

    As our elementary teacher sample cover letter shows, you’ll want to include the following in your cover letter: 

    • A header with your name, city, state, ZIP code, telephone number and a link to your professional website or LinkedIn profile. 
    • The date.
    • The recipient’s address and contact information.
    • A greeting, like “Dear Alice Walters,” “Dear Principal Smith,” or “Dear HR Department.”
    • An engaging opening paragraph introducing yourself, your experience as an elementary teacher and your job-relevant skills, such as adaptability, empathy and lesson planning.  
    • Two or three body paragraphs that describe your achievements like “In the last year, I have successfully increased student test scores by 15% and implemented engaging activities that resulted in a 20% improvement in classroom participation.”
    • A closing paragraph with an invitation to connect. For example, 

    “In closing, I am excited to bring my passion for education, dedication to student success, and exceptional teaching skills to your school. I am confident I have the qualifications and experience to positively impact your students and school community. I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss my qualifications for this position. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

    • A simple but professional signoff, like “Best regards” or “Sincerely.” 

How to write an impressive cover letter for an elementary school teacher job

  1. Start with a persuasive introduction

    Don’t waste a potential employer’s time with a generic letter. Think of your elementary teacher cover letter introduction as an elevator pitch and draw them in immediately with a compelling opening paragraph. Set the tone by telling the hiring manager why you’re interested in the job and highlight why you’re the best candidate. Do so with enthusiasm and confidence in your abilities, and incorporate keywords from the job description to pass the ATS test and pique the hiring manager’s interest.

    Here’s an example: 

    “When I saw your job ad for an elementary teacher experienced with diverse student populations and innovative teaching methods, I could not believe how much the job description matches my skills and work experience, so I jumped at the chance to apply. In my 10 years as an elementary teacher, I’ve worked with students with disabilities and advanced students in public and private institutions. In addition to traditional elementary teaching techniques, I’m experienced in project-based learning, gamification, personalized learning and inquiry-based methods. 

  2. Use accomplishments to showcase why you’re an excellent fit for the role

    As you can see in our elementary teacher sample cover letter, the body of your cover letter should paint an in-depth picture of your career history and relevant skills while offering insight into your interests and values. But a cookie-cutter cover letter won’t pass muster. Make yours shine with measurable achievements.  

    Here’s what we mean: 

    “As a 4th grade teacher in my current school, I instituted a reading program that increased student test scores by 15% and implemented collaborative activities that resulted in a 35% improvement in classroom participation. I have also received recognition from my colleagues and school administration for my innovative teaching methods and have maintained a 98% parent satisfaction rate for the last five years”

    Pro tip: Use action verbs like “demonstrate,” “prepare,” “nurture,” “engage” and “motivate” for impact. 

  3. Close with an invitation

    Follow the lead of our elementary teacher cover letter example and use the final paragraph of your cover letter to reiterate your interest in the job. Then, thank the hiring manager for their time and invite them to connect. 

    For example: “I am excited about the opportunity to bring my passion for teaching and my proven track record of success to make a positive impact and contribute to the growth of the fifth grade students in The Crispin School. Thank you for considering my application. Please call me at your earliest convenience to talk about how we might work together.”

    Ready to write your cover letter? Our Cover Letter Builder can help you write an engaging,  professional cover letter in no time, using expert-backed suggestions, step-by-step guidance, editing features, industry-specific examples and ATS-friendly templates.

Pair your elementary teacher with a matching resume

Do’s and don’ts for building an elementary teacher cover

  • Address the recruiter or hiring manager directly.
  • Explain what attracted you to the school in one or two sentences. 
  • Customize your elementary teacher cover letter for the job. 
  • Include keywords from the job description throughout.
  • End with a clear call to action. 
  • Proofread your cover letter more than once.
  • Write a generic elementary teacher cover letter. 
  • Write more than one page. 
  • Use generic salutations, like “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • Regurgitate your elementary teacher resume
  • Rely on automatic grammar or spell-checkers. 
  • Write a fan letter, even if it is your dream job.

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