Teacher’s Aide Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A perfectly written, strong cover letter will convince even the most discerning hiring manager to read your resume. Unfortunately, many jobseekers forget to include industry-specific details in their letters. This can easily jeopardize your job search, even if you have a well-written resume, but there are ways to incorporate such elements into your document. If you are currently struggling to write a letter of your own, let this free teacher’s aide cover letter sample serve as a guide.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

As an experienced educational professional, I must express my interest in the position of teacher’s aide at your school. I have over 11 years of experience in the public school system, and I currently work with a diverse group of elementary school students. My experience, combined with my passion for education, make me an ideal candidate for this position.

I firmly believe that education is the key to the future, and that is why I strive to instruct every student to the highest of my abilities. Whether it involves organizing reading groups or supervising play centers, I approach all of my tasks with intention and excitement. Children learn best when their teachers are actively engaged and show a high degree of interest.

I currently work as a second-grade teacher’s aide at a local school. I derive immense pleasure from assisting the head teacher and interacting with my students on a daily basis. I have received excellent reviews and progress reports from both my teacher and assistant principle throughout my entire career.

If you are still hiring for this position, please consider my name. My drive to succeed and to help students of all ages succeed is strong, and I believe that your school could greatly benefit from my experience and enthusiasm. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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What to Include in a Teacher's Aide Cover Letter

To write a letter like the free teacher’s aide cover letter sample above, you will need to ensure that your letter contains certain things. If you want to appear to be educated and professional, proofread your letter before submitting it. You should also be sure to include skills and details that are relevant to the job you are looking for. For example, if you are applying to be an accountant, don’t talk about your past as a pastry chef.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free teacher’s aide cover letter sample above is tailored to the educational industry. If you want yours to be similarly effective, include some of the following skills.

● Enthusiastic: You may be teaching young children, and if you aren’t excited, it will be hard to engage them.
● Dedicated: Teaching requires a high level of dedication and commitment to the success of students.
● Ambitious: You should have high hopes and standards for your students, and believe that they can achieve them.
● Strong Communication: Interacting and speaking with students regularly will be a major part of your job.