An impressive curricula vitae might be considered a foot in the door to the business administrator job you’re after. If the position requires a CV, but you’re unsure of how to make yours great, consulting some helpful resources is a good place to start. There are few resources more helpful than our business administrator CV example. In addition to the sample provided, you can review the tips we offer and get a good idea of what your own CV might look like. With inspiration, you can write a fantastic CV that is likely to impress potential employers and motivate them to schedule an interview.


Charles Knowles

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional business administrator with background in sales, marketing, client relations, and financial management. Highly skilled in managing operational duties of business and propelling teams towards success. Prior experience in organizational leadership and executive administration lends strong leadership abilities to qualifications. Exemplary professional expertise and superior communication skills in both written and spoken forms. Previously led teams ranging in size from 25 to 150, and successfully optimized company budget by 29 percent.

  • Superior leadership skills
  • Innovative problem solving abilities
  • Excellent team building abilities
  • Exemplary written and spoken communication skills
  • Proficient in general executive duties
Work Experience
Chief Executive Office
May 2014-Present


  • Partner with management throughout departments to develop viable and effective business strategies.
  • Supervise operations of company to ensure corporate vision is managed and realized on a day-to-day basis.
  • Strategize financial, organizational, and commercial success of the company through continual development and improvement.

Organizational Leadership Consultant
March 2013-May 2014


  • Worked with companies to develop and implement strategic leadership structures that facilitated leadership and fostered company success.
  • Partnered with company leaders and executives to train in leadership principles and offer tailored advice for effective management.
  • Developed training materials for use nationwide to give companies the blueprint for effective leadership structures.

Operational Manager
September 2011-March 2013


  • Supervised workers in company to ensure that all operational functions were carried out properly and effectively.
  • Trained staff throughout entire company in correct procedures for basic operational tasks and responsibilities.
  • Partnered with other managerial staff to optimize the effectiveness of management team and strategized new ways to lead company.


Master of Liberal Studies in Organizational Leadership


Finn Wake University School
Bachelor of Business Administration


Finn Wake University School
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not at work, there are many hobbies and activities I enjoy. Some of these include running, biking, lifting weights, and entering fitness contests. In addition to my investment in my own physical fitness, I enjoy volunteering at the local YMCA and workshops for job seekers to help them build confidence, develop essential job skills, and succeed in interviews. My experience in the corporate world offers extensive expertise to draw on, and I am lucky to be able to give back to my community in this way.



Questions for Your CEO CV

How do you write a business administrator CV?

Writing a CV can be stressful, especially if you haven’t written this type of document before. Break it down into separate sections, and focus on tailoring the document to each job you want and follow some basic rules to simplify the task. Make your CV unique for each job, but always include the following sections: name and contact information, a personal statement, work experience and achievements, education, and hobbies.

How should you structure your business administrator CV?

Begin your submission with a header that includes your name and contact information, as well as a professional website if you have one. Write a professional summary that begins with your professional title and contains your more impressive achievements.

Remember, you only have a few seconds to convince hiring professionals to keep reading; an impressive skills section can do this. Depending on your relevant work experience, you’ll either move into your job history or academic achievements. Refer to our business administrator CV sample to see the most impressive information positioned at the top of the page.

How many skills should you put on a business administrator CV?

A CV is traditionally a comprehensive display of all your achievements, but this doesn’t mean you should list everything in your skills section. Limit yourself to a few (generally between six and eight) of your most impressive skills, those that are transferable and related to the job you hope to obtain. If you have skills that match up with the job description, use those in their exact format from the job description. Focus on specific skills, rather than generic phrases that are often overused in professional documents.

How do you write the experience section of your business administrator CV?

Rather than simply listing your duties for each of your previous employment positions, focus on presenting achievements combined with specific percentages and numbers. You could also pair examples of your work with benefits to your employers. For example, the applicant from our business administrator CV sample “developed training materials” that supported effective leadership nationwide.

Two other habits to use throughout your work history section are gapping and parallelism. Gapping is the use of incomplete sentences, such as bullet points, for concise, skimmable content. Parallelism is using the same phrase or sentence structure throughout the document. For example, if you begin phrases with a verb for one job, use that structure for all your job descriptions. Get further guidance from our CV maker to help you create a personalized document with step-by-step advice.

Should you include references on a business administrator CV?

In the past, it was standard procedure to include references on resumes and CVs, but today, things have changed. As you can see in our business administrator CV sample, space is at a premium, so references aren’t required yet. You are likely to go through one or two interviews before hiring professionals ask for references. Rather than addressing references on your CV, prepare a separate page of references and their contact information that you can present when a potential employer asks for them.

Business Administrator CV Must-Haves

What Does a Business Administrator Do?

A business administrator may take on any number of roles within the structure of a company. The title could encompass positions such as CEO, operational manager, or CFO. No matter what your exact job title is, when you are acting as a business administrator, you can expect to be responsible for major functions within the structure of a company and supervise many people as part of your job. This may be ideal for people who are confident in their leadership skills and eager to develop strategies to guide a corporation. However, business administrators will most often find themselves innovatively solving problems and exercising their executive skills. If you are in need of tips for writing your CV, consulting our business administrator CV example above or the additional tips below will surely help.

Tips for Creating a Great Business Administrator CV

Finding the right words for your business administrator CV might be a challenge. If you are considering ways to improve yours or simply get started, these tips are designed just for people in your situation. Integrate them into your CV for optimal results:

  •  Do provide specific examples of the ways your leadership skills have improved a company or achieved positive results.
  • Don’t describe your skills in vague terms when you can use specific and illustrative language to show potential employers your abilities.
  • Do show your ability to perform general administrative tasks within the structure of a corporation.
  • Don’t waste space on your CV describing skills or experience irrelevant to the position that you are pursuing.
  • Do show potential employers that your skills are transferable and you can work well in a variety of contexts.
  • Don’t focus solely on a single skill or experience when your CV should give a prospective overview of both collectively.

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