Making a positive impression before a potential employer even meets you in person is very important for getting a job. The way to do this is to craft a polished, professional CV that showcases all your best skills. The butler CV example below is a great way to start the process. It shows what information and sections you should include, and how to format it. There are also writing tips below to help you avoid some pitfalls of bad CVs. All you have to do is substitute your own information and experiences.


Melanie Crowder

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated and discrete under butler with all the experience necessary to advance. Poised and polished under all circumstances. Discrete and respectful of family privacy. Takes the utmost care with valuable goods and can be trusted to maintain a household’s respectability, atmosphere, and reputation. Specializes in food service and attendance on guests because of my hotel management experience. Superior logistical skills that allow me to arrange staff schedules in such a way that will be most convenient for the family. Devoted to service and works tirelessly to assure family’s comfort, security, and standard of living.

  • Organized and logistically minded to coordinate household staff with superior efficiency.
  • Professional and discrete; ability to learn about a family in order to serve them fully without disclosing or abusing that information.
  • Ability to anticipate needs before they arise and take care of them proactively.
  • Gentle but firm when training and assisting other members of the staff, and eager to perform other staff members’ duties should they be indisposed.
  • Specialized knowledge about wine, spirits, and liquors.
  • Polite and attentive when serving dinner parties without being too visible.
  • Diversified knowledge about the care and maintenance of clothing, automobiles, boats, furniture, serving ware, and valuable antiques.
Work Experience
Under Butler


  • Answer phones with a professional and courteous greeting.
  • Assist the butler with scheduling the rest of the staff.
  • Arrange and attend to formal and informal social gatherings, entertainment, and dinner parties.
  • Oversee clothing, automobile, and antique upkeep.
  • Plan vacations for the family.
  • Maintain top-notch performance from all members of the staff.
  • Commended routinely for anticipating needs and fulfilling them in a timely manner.


Hotel Manager


  • Organized catering services for a variety of guest groups of various sizes and interests.
  • Handled guest complaints with grace, discretion, and consideration.
  • Coordinated booking for bedrooms and conference spaces.
  • Trained new concierges and other hotel staff.
  • Oversaw safety inspections to ensure compliance with health codes.
  • Designed and enforced an economical budget.
  • Recognized for superior professionalism.


Hotel Concierge


  • Coordinated event reservations for guests and provided them with tickets to attractions.
  • Advised guests on local dining and entertainment.
  • Specialized in wine selection and recommendation.
  • Enhanced guest experience for a variety of guest preferences, interests, and requests.
  • Distinguished for superior guest service on multiple occasions, and singled out for promotion after years of dedicated service.




Service Estate Management Certification (2011)


Starkey International Institute
Bachelor in Hospitality Management
– 1999


Niagara University
Hobbies and Interest

I enjoy reading and trying new recipes in my spare time. I also follow a fitness regimen to keep my body in shape. I occasionally volunteer in the kitchens of underfunded public schools.


Butler Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Butler Do?

A butler is the chief member of residential household staff and is responsible for a wide variety of duties. Some of these are chores, including caring for valuable items in the house, maintaining fine dining ware, inspecting automobiles, and preserving clothing. Others are personnel responsibilities, such as scheduling plumbers, landscape artists, electricians, and similar contractors. Logistical skills are very important for butlers, so follow the example of the butler CV example and highlight your ability to plan and arrange social gatherings, assign household staff to duties and schedules, and coordinate the household family’s vacation plans. Specialized knowledge about spirits and wines is important since butlers may be expected to serve and monitor meals. A butler does not operate in a detached capacity. On the contrary, butlers are expected to fill the roles of other household staff members in their absence, and assist staff on a daily basis.

Tips for Creating a Great Butler CV

Follow these writing tips to maximize your CV’s professionalism:

  • Include all experiences you have in the service industry, even if they were not part of a household staff, and make sure to highlight why those experiences contribute to your potential as a butler.
  • Never mention why you ended your time in a previous position. Doing so is not only unprofessional, but it also undermines the respect for others’ privacy that is essential to a good butler.
  • Use strong action verbs, especially ones that relate directly to your field, such as coordinate, organize, oversee, maintain, care for, or serve.
  • Don’t include any information in your “Hobbies and Interests” section that would detract from the polished image you are trying to convey.

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