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Your curriculum vitae is the one tool that can propel you beyond your competitors to earn an interview with recruiters. Developing this document requires time, effort, thought, and attention to details like formatting, content selection, and organization. When properly compiled, it can be leveraged to highlight your core competencies and portray you as the most viable candidate. This professional customer service executive CV example is a great illustration of an effectively written document. The adjoining tips serve as a reminder of the types of details that will make a big difference in the final draft you submit.


Evelyn Turner

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled customer service professional with 20 years of successful management and leadership experience. Dedicated to bettering the customer experience with reliable product education, timely assistance, helpful feedback, and respectful conflict management response. Confident communicator with the ability to lead colleagues, respond to customer inquiries, and mediate conflict. Enthusiastic and personable individual who enjoys working with people and building long-lasting relationships and product loyalty. Passionate about creating organizational success and bettering brand reputation through serving customers in a truly memorable way.

  • Accomplished communicator who understands the value of listening, thoughtful responses, and objectivity.
  • Confident conflict mediator with the proven ability to reach solutions that are beneficial for both customer and company. -Enthusiastic leader with a personable and trustworthy character to motivate fellow colleagues and team members.
  • Willing to learn about new products, and committed to providing product information in a way that is honest, tactful, and memorable.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask to ensure deadlines are met and customers are treated in line with required policies and procedures.
Work Experience
Customer Service Manager
2007 – present


  • Manage a team of 45 customer service associates and set the precedent for established customer service policy.
  • Communicate with customers who have escalated issues to determine beneficial resolution and ensure timely follow-up to verify that complaints have been addressed and satisfied.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to determine areas for improvement, review departmental performance, and develop ideas for better service to customers.
  • Present quarterly reports to executive management detailing the performance and success of the team, budgetary concerns, and implementation of new policies.

Customer Service Team Leader
2002 – 2007


  • Oversaw a team of eight customer service associates and led weekly discussions to facilitate the establishment of team and individual goals.
  • Enforced organizational policies for providing customer service and ensured the understanding of changes or modifications in procedures.
  • Maintained a seamless record of efficient staffing with proactive responses to employee sickness, turnover, and unreliable attendance.
  • Reduced the team turnover rate from 17% to nearly 4% from 1994-1997.

Customer Service Associate
2000 – 2002



  • Communicated with customers to ensure product understanding, answer questions, and facilitate conflict resolution.
  • Achieved “Employee of the Month” on 14 occasions throughout the two-year period, and received “Associate of the Year” in both 1990 and 1991.
  • Maintained a clean and orderly store by continuously organizing displays and proactively addressing areas that needed restructuring .


Masters in Communication


University of California
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Communication


University of California
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy participating in the instruction of a lecture series at University of California, Berkeley, where I discuss the connection between customer service and organizational productivity. I am passionate about classical ballet and poetry. I look forward to baking and spending time with my family.


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Customer Service Executive Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Customer Service Executive Do?

A customer service executive will oversee the entire department and has many primary roles, including mediating escalated customer issues, implementing policies and procedures, analyzing customer service data to develop more efficient methods, facilitating customer needs and concerns, and most importantly, setting an example of friendly, reliable, and effective customer service. Necessary skills include communication, organization, patience, reliability, leadership, and the ability to multitask. Customer service executives are required to have significant background working with customers to provide excellent service with proven success. This customer service executive CV example illustrates how to showcase these types of qualities in a way that is concise and memorable.

Tips for Creating a Great Customer Service Executive CV

Here are some helpful tips to remember as you begin writing your own curriculum vitae:

  • In your Professional Summary, Work Experience, and Skills sections, talk about your ability to work well with people and communicate effectively, both of which are critical for customer service professionals.
  • In your Work Experience section, begin each bullet with an action verb that denotes mastery and understanding of a customer service related skill. Examples include managed, facilitated, maintained, mediated, collaborated, and enforced.
  • Always double-check your work for errors. It is wise to ask a couple of other people to review your document before finalizing it. The extra time can net critical spelling or grammar mistakes that could cost you an interview.
  • Use metrics wherever possible to put your contributions into perspective and create a more meaningful description of your responsibilities.

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