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Customer Service Advisor Resume Sample

Job Description & Responsibilities

A customer service advisor enjoys fulfilling a variety of tasks each day. Whether meeting customer needs, or helping a customer work through a complaint, the job duties are rarely same each day. Customer service advisors also work in many different settings since virtually all businesses involve customers in some way. Therefore, the job setting could be in an office, at a mall, or even at a sporting event. Moreover, customer service advisors may work many different hours. Some businesses require work during normal, weekday business hours. However, others many need phone calls answered all night long. When searching for your job, you can look for businesses that fit your needs!

Education & Training for a Customer Service Advisor Resume

A high school diploma is usually required for a customer service advisor. Some companies may prefer a higher-level degree, however it is not usually required. Additionally, training is usually provided during the first few weeks on this job. There is more to being a customer service advisor than having the right skills. Customer service advisors also need to have specific personality traits. This includes strong communication skills and a talent for working with people. Including these skills on your customer service resume will help employers see that you are the best fit for the job.

Getting a Customer Service Advisor Job

Customer service advisors make an average of $67,058 a year. If this sounds like a job for your, start your customer service resume today! This is a great time to begin because job availability is growing. If you need assistance, take a look at our customer service advisor resume. This will help you get on track with your application material and create a cover letter that will impress employers.

Customer Service Advisor Resume Sample

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