5 Common Customer Service Customer Care Representative Interview Questions & Answers


You have worked diligently to land an interview for your perfect job. You have created a top-notch resume and an eye-catching cover letter, and now you are faced with making a good impression in the interview. Being properly prepared for the face-to-face is extremely important because you are competing against a number of other job candidates who have similar knowledge and skills. Being able to stand out against this competition will determine whether you will be invited back for a second interview.

When preparing for your initial face-to-face, there are a number of different types of questions that you should be ready for. You will be asked various general questions that many job applicants will encounter. Make sure you have answers for these. You also need to be ready to answer some common questions that relate directly to the job you are applying for. The following customer service customer care representative interview questions and answers will help prepare you for a successful interview.

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5 Customer Service Customer Care Representative Interview Questions & Answers

1. What are your top three qualities that will help you succeed as a customer care representative?

My top three qualities are that I am a great listener, I communicate well, and I have patience. I have found that in order to solve an issue at hand, it is important to really listen to what the person is saying, even if he/she is not being clear. This helps me determine how I can really help the situation. As a customer care representative, being able to clearly communicate is crucial. This includes being able to talk in person and on the phone, as well as being able to write a letter or send an email. Being patient has helped me interact with cranky and dissatisfied customers, and my politeness has helped pacify many situations.

2. What have you learned in past positions that have made you a better customer service representative?

Working in other customer service positions has helped me develop better problem-solving skills. The key is to listen to what the customer is really saying and to ask questions to help clarify how they think the problem should be solved. There is almost always a way to solve an issue, and my experience has helped me come to these solutions quickly and more efficiently.

3. How would you describe your ability to work as a team player?

I have had multiple opportunities to develop my abilities as a team player. Growing up, I was on soccer and basketball teams, which called for excellent communication among players. I also learned that everyone has their own strengths and that in order for the team to succeed sometimes I need to sit back and let someone else shine. As a restaurant server, I have experienced that a shift goes so much smoother when everyone helps everyone else, no matter what position they are in.

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4. Give me an example of a situation in which you changed a customer’s mood from angry to happy?

I was working as a server at a popular steakhouse, and it was a very busy Saturday night. A group was seated in my section, and right from the start, the dad in the family was mad because it was his son’s birthday and they had to wait to be seated for 30 minutes, even though they had made a reservation. I promptly apologized, wished the son a happy birthday, and said that I would send over a complimentary appetizer. I made sure that I was attentive toward their needs and that I was prompt in placing their order so they wouldn’t have to wait any more than was needed. At the end of the meal I got permission from my manager to send over a special birthday dessert complete with candles. The man thanked me as they were leaving and said they would definitely return.

5. What sales experience do you have?

My sales experience started when I was a young girl scout and was determined to sell the most cookies, which I did. I also participated in a number of fundraising events through high school and college, which helped me develop my persuasion skills. In my last outside sales position, I consistently improved my sales quota on a monthly basis.

Making a good first impression is important if you want to be seriously considered for the job. These customer service customer care representative interview questions will help you succeed.