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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Example + Tips

Many people concentrate their efforts on designing the perfect resume for an advertised job. A well-written cover letter can considerably increase your odds of landing an interview, too. It enables you to expand on your resume and relate your industry-specific experience, skills, and accomplishments in a manner that highlights why you are the best person for the job. Read this free accounts payable cover letter sample to see how to write an exceptional cover letter and increase your chances of getting noticed.

Dear Mr. Phillips,

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and over 11 years of accounts payable experience, I believe I am an ideal fit for the position at KML Financial Corporation. I have a talent for problem-solving and work well in a team environment or independently.

My expertise in determining vendor payment schedules has equipped me with the skills to develop a system that eliminates late payments and associated fees. It saves the company money and enhances their credit rating and reputation. As part of your team, I look forward to providing you with reliable and accurate financial support.

Attention to detail is a key aspect noted in the job description. I have extensive experience analyzing and verifying all vendor invoices and expense reports for proper coding and authorization before adding them to the payment system. Also, I am responsible for maintaining and filing the contractor 1099 data with the Internal Revenue Service.

My attached resume and references are available for your further review. I hope to hear from you soon to discuss how my background and experience would bring value to KML Financial Corporation’s accounting department. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in an Accounts Payable Cover Letter

Whatever you choose to add to your cover letter, make sure you don’t just restate what you list in your resume. Your cover letter is the chance to display distinct and intriguing information. Another valuable tip you may notice from the free accounts payable cover letter sample is that your four-paragraph letter should not be longer than a single page. Just add highlights of your accomplishments, borrow job description language, insert a statement of appreciation at the end, and open by addressing a particular person or company.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

It is essential to tailor your accounts payable specialist cover letter to your audience. This free accounts payable cover letter sample is a valuable representation of how to incorporate skills into your experiences. Here are a few of qualities that are beneficial for accounts payable clerks.

● Integrity: Accounts payable clerks must control and properly maintain confidential financial documentation and guard against misappropriating an organization’s reserves.
● Computer skills: You need to be comfortable using bookkeeping software and computer spreadsheets.
● Math skills: As an accounts payable specialist, you must be able to deal with numbers daily and should be comfortable using basic arithmetic.
● Detail-oriented: You are responsible for creating accurate and sound financial records and recognizing errors that others have made.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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