Bar Manager Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A cover letter is not the same as a resume but is just as important. A resume typically serves as a factual listing of your work experience and education, while a cover letter lets you flesh out your background, for example, by discussing a specific project or facet of your experience. The free bar manager cover letter sample below shows how you can convey some personality while remaining professional. The two sections that follow provide additional guidance.

Dear Ms. Rosenburg,

As your online job posting for a bar manager states, “No one is perfect, but we want someone pretty close.” It is safe to assume that your establishment has high standards. I believe I could be an excellent fit as bar manager, as my attention to detail is meticulous, and I am a master scheduler.

I actually frequent your bar about once a week and am very familiar with its laid-back and welcoming vibe. Of course, that vibe is possible in part because of of the expert management and staffing behind the scenes. My credentials include four years as a bartender at XYZ, with the past two years seeing me take on increased responsibility as an assistant bar manager.

I have taken seminars on customer service, the joy of bartending, and how to keep customers coming back. I am friendly and professional, and I make a great team leader who prides himself on his high expectations. I make it a point to praise at least one thing every day about the people I work with.

I am proficient in inventory control, scheduling, and the other responsibilities listed in the job description. If we could set up an interview, I’d be happy to discuss this possible match even further. Thank you for the time you have taken to read my letter.

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What to Include in a Bar Manager Cover Letter

What makes this free bar manager cover letter sample effective is its focus on soft skills, hard skills, and relevant accomplishments. Your salutation should be directed toward an actual person instead of a “Sir” or “Madam,” and you should always close by thanking the reader for his or her time. It is often best to keep a cover letter to four paragraphs and on one page.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free bar manager cover letter sample covers some must-have skills, such as inventory control and team leadership. You should always customize cover letters to your own skills, and it may be helpful to add the following attributes if they apply.

● Professionalism: Bar managers work with diverse people, and the line between being a “buddy” and a “boss” can be tricky.
● Inventory control: If you use specific techniques or tools for inventory control, mentioning them in a cover letter may help you stand out.
● Scheduling awareness: It is good to know general principles, such as adding more staff on weekends and on certain holidays.
● Cleanliness: Bar managers should have a plan for how to keep the bar clean.