Service Crew Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A strong cover letter can make all the difference when it comes to getting the right job. Knowing the principles of writing a cover letter that showcases your qualifications is an important step towards a successful job hunt. This free service crew cover letter sample is an example of a persuasive letter that lets employers know exactly why you are a good fit for their job opening.

Dear Ms. Summers,

As an experienced service crew member who enjoys working with customers, I am highly interested in your job opening. I believe I am a great fit for your restaurant due to my proficiency in performing well under pressure as well as my commitment to providing customers with great service.

In my three years of working as a service crew member, I have gained the many skills necessary for supporting restaurant operations. In addition to greeting and serving customers, I have helped maintain a clean and pleasing environment, processed transactions, and assisted in the kitchen as necessary. I possess the versatile skills and the enthusiasm to step in and provide assistance wherever necessary to keep the establishment operating smoothly.

I believe that excellent customer service is key to my job performance as a service crew member. I make sure to maintain a cheerful demeanor throughout my customer interactions and to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. In the course of my work, I encounter a wide variety of personalities. I pride myself on my ability to provide the best possible service each time.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my resume. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications for this job with you personally and in further detail.

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What to Include in a Service Crew Cover Letter

As you get started on writing your own after reviewing this free service crew cover letter sample, keep in mind the following advice. Keep your tone professional throughout; avoid use of slang or contractions. Focus on details that explain how your performance as a service crew member will benefit a prospective employer. This means using specific examples as well as keying your language to terms in the job description.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You may have noticed that the free service crew cover letter sample includes discussion of job-specific skills. This is an important element for convincing employers that you are right for the job. For service crew members, these are all essential skills:

● Interpersonal skills: You will be dealing with customers as well as supervisors, kitchen staff, and vendors. As you interact with people who may be stressed or short-tempered, you will need to maintain a friendly demeanor throughout.
● Perform well under pressure: As a service crew member, you will need to work efficiently and with a smile even under hectic circumstances.
● Flexibility: You will be expected to help out with many aspects of running the restaurant or other establishment, including transactions, billing, and kitchen work.
● Physical stamina: You will have to be on your feet for a large portion of your work day. Your duties will frequently include lifting and carrying.