Caterer Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Finding the right new gig as a caterer means knowing how to compete, and your cover letter is a big part of that. Putting together the right combination of core skills and job-specific competencies from the company’s advertisement helps to demonstrate that you are not just a professional, but also the best professional for their particular needs. To get an idea about how to do that, take a look at this free caterer cover letter sample.

Dear Mr. Baker,

I am writing today to apply for a position as a caterer with your organization. I have previously worked as a sous chef for other catering operations, and I think my experience and ambition make me an ideal candidate for your company.

Your letter calls for a caterer candidate who can independently operate a small crew to run on-site catering operations independently, and that is what I am ready to do. I started as catering wait staff and worked my way into the kitchen and up, developing my culinary and communication skills along the way.

Over the last few years, my skills have grown to the point where my last job frequently left me in charge of kitchen operations when our head chef was on leave. I believe that is a sure sign that I am ready to manage an operation on my own.

Since I know what is needed at every phase and in every workstation at catered events, I think I would be the ideal lead caterer for your team, and I would love the chance to make my case further in an interview.

Average Rating

What to Include in a Caterer Cover Letter

Catering involves a number skills and levels of responsibility, so it is important to reply to the core needs listed in the job advertisement. It’s also important to aim at your level, because some positions are entry-level or temporary by design, whereas other catering positions require a great deal of autonomy and delegating authority. Our free caterer cover letter sample emphasizes this diversity along with strategies for meeting those employer needs. Also, be sure to greet the reader by name, and don’t exceed one page in length.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free caterer cover letter sample also emphasized a few industry-specific traits. Choose a couple skills from this list to build your letter.

● Strong communicator: Catering is typically a team affair, and all team members need to communicate to keep service running smoothly.
● Attention to detail: When you are in charge of the standards for food service, it is important to have a skill set that lets you closely monitor what is going through your kitchen.
● Customer-service oriented: This industry puts all employees in contact with customers and their guests at one point or another, so customer service skills are essential.
● Dependability: When your job entails being booked into other people’s events, it is vital that you show up on time ready to go.