Food Service Specialist Resume Examples & Templates

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: January 04, 2023
  • 30% higher chance of getting a job‡
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters‡

Before you can chop, cut and mix at a trendy restaurant you have to get invited into the kitchen. A delicious food service specialist resume is the secret ingredient to finding the job you’re craving for. Your resume is like a five-star menu, making it as important as the entrée.

Experience is the soup de jour for a food service specialist resume. Include all of your relevant food service experience, spotlighting specific skill sets like meal preparation, prepping hot and cold foods, and butchering techniques. Grace and efficiency under pressure are excellent qualities to possess since kitchens are hot and fast-paced environments to work in. Make sure to spotlight those in your resume summary.

Prepping for lunch at a busy restaurant isn’t as easy as it looks and neither is writing a resume. Take a few minutes to devour our food service specialist resume templates before diving in to stir up yours. Bon appetite!

Food Service Specialist Resume Questions

1. How can you highlight team experience on a food service specialist resume?

Showing that you have experience working as part of a team is a vital part of writing your food service specialist resume. The best way to achieve this is a lot simpler than you may think. By mentioning this attribute in as many sections as you can, you emphasize it and communicate that it is a priority to you. This strategy works for emphasizing any professional quality. Take a look at our food service specialist resume sample to see ways to seamlessly include teamwork experience or other attributes.

2. What can you do to make your food service specialist resume stand out?

With the job market so competitive, standing out is one of the most important things you can do. If your resume is indistinguishable from other applicants’, there is no reason for the hiring manager to remember you, much less choose to hire you.
To make sure your resume meets employers’ expectations, use our step-by-step resume builder. This excellent tool does more than make the writing process easier and faster. It also strengthens your resume and ensures it uses the correct structure.

3. How do you make a food service specialist resume with no experience?

Creating a resume with no working experience is one of the most difficult challenges when searching for a job. As you see from our food service specialist resume sample, you need to emphasize your experience section under normal circumstances, but this is impossible without a strong work history.
Instead, you should increase the size of your skills and education sections to compensate. Describe any relevant experiences you can. Consider how internships, volunteer work, or school projects have helped you develop the skills you will need.

4. How do you write the experience section of your food service specialist resume?

If you do have a work history, however, it is vital that your experience section is as strong as possible. This is the most important section, which means it should be the longest and strongest. It should also follow the standard format exactly.
List your previous jobs in reverse order, beginning with your current position. Write in past tense, except for jobs you currently hold, which should be in present tense. Write at least five bullet points for each job, each of which should describe your daily responsibilities. Use a strong action verb for the first word of each bullet point.

5. Should you include references on a food service specialist resume?

We do not recommend that you include references on your resume. Nearly all employers understand that they can simply request candidates’ references. You should think of your references as taking up valuable space that can further establish your qualifications. It is almost always better to focus on the content of your resume. You can use our food service specialist resume sample to improve your content.

Resume Text

Grace Mitchell

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Motivated Food Service Specialist with 6+ years experience in hospital and military settings. Knowledge of a wide variety of kitchen equipment and cooking techniques in a fast-paced environment. Proven ability to produce large numbers of meals under tight deadlines.


  • Meal preparation
  • Vegetable dicing
  • Butchering techniques
  • Hot and cold food
  • Safety conscious
  • California Food Handlers Card
  • Recipe design and modification
  • Cost control
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy


September 2011 to Current
Company Name City, State
Food Service Specialist

  • Maintain clean and sanitary work environment at all times.
  • Create baked, fried, grilled, broiled, boiled, and roasted dishes.
  • Serve cafeteria meals and set up carts for room deliveries.
  • Follow safety procedures and hospital policies at all times.
  • Take on advanced role of directing trainee specialist work and training in proper handling and serving procedures.

May 2007 to August 2011
Company Name City, State
Food Service Specialist

  • Followed National Guard recipes to prepare a variety of foods.
  • Prepared meals ranging from a few select members to over 1,000 service members at once.
  • Operated, cleaned, and maintained kitchen equipment.
  • Adhered to all safety guidelines.


2015 University of California City, State
Bachelor of Science Business Administration

Currently pursuing Business Administration degree with coursework emphasis in Accounting, Finance, and Business Communication

National Guard City, State

  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Individual Training, Food Service Specialist