Marketing Cover Letter Examples

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Cover Letter Examples

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Job Responsibilities & Duties

Perfect for those who enjoy fast-paced and challenging positions, the marketing profession overflows with opportunities to directly affect a company’s income. Whether working as an account manager, graphic designer, market researcher, event planner, or any of the many other marketing specialties, these roles are very visible.

Marketers often interact with co-workers at every level of the organization, including top executives. They also must work closely with vendors, community organizations, and the public. To demonstrate this ability to be effective with various stakeholders, strong, viable marketing cover letters should reflect robust communication skills, adaptability, and critical thinking skills. With the importance of Internet visibility increasing, many marketing professionals also must be familiar with SEO and SEM.

Education & Training

To snag a job in marketing, a winning marketing cover letter reflects experience in the field and at least a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, like business administration, market research, or graphic design. Creativity, leadership, and the ability to think strategically is important in these roles, so relevant experience that demonstrates those traits will strengthen a marketing cover letter.

Salary Expectations

Most marketers are nicely compensated, with advertising and promotions managers earning a median of 88,590 dollars a year. The most highly paid marketing positions are brand managers at 105,000 dollars and marketing managers at 123,220 dollars annually.

A copywriter and editor can expect to earn a median salary of 53,880 dollars, an event planner earns about 45,810 dollars, and a media planner grosses about 49,571 dollars each year. A growing number of marketers are looking for online marketer and social media positions, earning a median salary of 45,033 dollars.

Some marketing departments include communications and public relations roles as well. Savvy applicants craft their marketing cover letters accordingly to note strengths in working cooperatively and strategically within the two disciplines. A communications specialist working in a marketing department earns about 54,170 dollars annually.

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