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Competent Accounts Manager bringing many years of experience handling accounts receivable functions. Exemplary skill in resolving billing disputes, providing excellent customer service and applying payments. Recognized for effective leadership with consistent achievement of objectives.


Marketing Director, 08/2018 to Current
Company Name ,City,State

  • Conducted continuous evaluations of market trends to stay current on consumer and competitor changes.
  • Capitalized on industry and marketplace trends to strategize solutions and enhance business operations.
  • Compiled product, market and customer data to forecast accurate sales and profit projections.

Commercial Account Manager, 02/2015 to 07/2018
Company Name ,City,State

  • Prepared customer presentations and demonstrations of products to solicit new business.
  • Reviewed audits of policies for accuracy to facilitate corrections between client and carrier.
  • Prevented impending loss and increased profitability by enforcing scheduled collection campaigns, consistently achieving targeted recovery rate.

Accounts Receivable Clerk, 04/2012 to 05/2015
Company Name ,City,State

  • Assessed data and information to verify entry, calculation and billing code accuracy.
  • Reviewed time and attendance records to identify billable items.
  • Posted high volume of monthly payments, performed research, tracked misapplied payments, prepared monthly reporting and trained new associates.


  • Aging reports analysis
  • Codes reviewing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting and Allocation
  • Market Positioning
  • Client communication
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Quality Assurance


BBA, International Marketing
Company Name ,City,State

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Account Manager Resume

  1. Summary Grab the recruiter’s attention from the get-go in your summary, giving a quick overview of your top achievements and skills. For example, if the potential job stresses resolving billing disputes, providing excellent client account service and processing payments, mention your expertise and/or experience in these areas.
  2. Skills Feature abilities that are most relevant to the job you’re applying to, such as ABM campaigns and programs, or developing field service campaigns. Feature technical skills, such as knowledge of CRM software, as well as intangible (or “soft”) skills such as multitasking ability, an analytical mind and strong communication skills.
  3. Work history For a position that emphasizes results like an account manager, focus on results from previous jobs rather than daily tasks. Describe actions you’ve taken in other jobs that led to quantifiable success (e.g., “Achieved targets on collection campaigns, increasing company profitability by 10%”). As with your skills section, mention tasks that match what the potential job needs, such as developing successful promotional campaigns.
  4. Education Include your top education credential (e.g., college graduate degree) along with college name and university, as well as any additional training or certifications you have that relate to the job, such as Strategic Account Manager Certification (SAMA) or Lean Six Sigma training.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • Use the right keywords to create the right “elevator pitch” for your summaryYour summary should be like an “elevator pitch” that compels employers to read on. To create a summary that hits the sweet spot, note key words and phrases from the job description that spell out what the job entails (e.g., “building media lists” or “enthusiasm for public relations”) and highlight skills and experiences you have that fill these needs.
  • Highlight relevant skills and experiencesAs noted above, include both hard skills (e.g., client management, book-keeping, budgeting) along with soft skills (e.g., negotiation skills, problem-solving abilities) in your resume, making sure they address what the job needs. If the position calls for being proficient in Google ads, for example, include any work experiences you have in your area, or include your certification in Google Ads in your education or skills section.
  • Customize your resume for different job applicationsDon’t short-change yourself by submitting the same resume for every job you apply to — instead, customize your resume based on the description of the given job position. For example, one job might stress developing and maintaining comprehensive account profiles while another might focus on developing website and SEO content — be sure to adapt your resume to feature appropriate skills and experiences for each.
  • Don’t mention irrelevant personal informationA recruiter is not interested in knowing about personal details such as your marital status, or personal jobbies. Stick to information that answers the key question — what can you bring to the company — and restrict personal info to your contact data (name, email address, and town and state of residence).
  • Don’t submit your resume before reviewing itTypos or factual errors are a leading reason why recruiters often trash resumes. For a job that requires accuracy and attention to detail, a resume with mistakes is the wrong look. Make sure you proofread and review your resume a few times before submitting it, and make sure your information is correct and error-free.
  • Don’t lie or exaggerateAccount managers must be relied upon to manage sensitive information and be honest — and a resume that contains exaggerations or fibs means you’re not the right person for the job. Don’t lie about or exaggerate your skills and accomplishments. If you lie on your resume and are caught, the repercussions can be serious. Stick to being honest and straightforward about your abilities and qualifications.

Account Manager Resume FAQs

1.Which format should you use for your resume?

For this more senior position, use the chronological format, which focuses mainly on your work history, and underscores how you’ve progressed in your career. If you only have a few years of marketing experience, use the combination format, which allows you to concentrate on skills and relevant work experiences that show you have what it takes for the job, even if you’re a little short on experience.

3. What kind of terminology/language should you use use in your resume?

While you might be tempted to inject jargon and other technical terms in your resume to prove your know-how, be aware that many resumes will be read by recruiters who might not know the ins and outs of the specific position. Instead of confusing readers with a bunch of esoteric terms, focus on stating your qualifications simply. Focus on your results and actions you took to achieve them, rather than overdoing it on industry-specific vocabulary.

4. What certifications are useful for this position?

To make your resume stand out (and get a head start on moving up in your career), look to add training in areas such as account management (e.g., Strategic Account Manager Certification (SAMA), important software tools such as Microsoft Office,  accounting/bookkeeping skills, and other marketing-related  areas such a certificate in strategic communications.

5. What contact details should be included in a resume?

For an account manager resume, keep contact details in your header, including your name, a professional email address, city and state of residence. If you have a portfolio site or a link on a job network site that has more details about your background, you can also include them here.