Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A cover letter can make or break your odds of getting a job interview. A good letter can bowl over a hiring manager with a great presentation of your personality and skills. A poorly written one, however, can quickly get lost in the heap. Don’t risk getting overlooked when you’re up for your dream job. Take the time to craft a document using the free marketing manager cover letter sample below, which shows you how to highlight your skills and formally request a job interview.

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

I am writing to express interest in the recently advertised marketing manager position with your firm. The requirements of this position align perfectly with experience I’ve attained during my eight-year career in marketing, and I am excited to offer my skills to develop marketing strategies and provide overall leadership.

I have honed my marketing management skills through formal educational as well as professional experience. My background includes a variety of pre-grad internships, as well as my current position leading a four-person team in a large children’s clothing retailer.

In addition to naming various traditional marketing skills, your job listing highlighted the importance of mentoring. I proudly mentor a team of college interns who are working with our company this summer. I provide daily hands-on training to both permanent and temporary staff members.

I believe my skills and experience are a perfect fit for this position. I would love to discuss the job further during a formal interview. I hope to hear from your staff soon and thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Marketing Manager Cover Letter

When writing your version of this free marketing manager cover letter sample, you will want to remember a few things. First, keep your tone professional and not too casual. Further, avoid empty sentences that don’t really add to the letter. Remember to incorporate some of the language from the job listing to show you aren’t just sending out blanket cover letters. Last but not least, make sure you formally request a chance to interview for the position, as shown in the free marketing manager cover letter sample above.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to address the specific skills mentioned in the job description. Our free marketing manager cover letter sample includes a few key qualities, but here are other traits that managers and marketing professionals should highlight:

● Effective communication: You will have to negotiate contracts, so it’s important that you can clearly express company goals and needs.
● Organization: Marketing managers often handle multiple budgets, so organization is key.
● Strong data analysis: You may need to develop and monitor business metrics.
● Good presentation skills: Marketing involves presenting findings to clients or vendors and even making cases to earn funding.