Marketing Intern Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Resumes are always crucial, but many people forget that a cover letter must first persuade the employer to read it. When writing a cover letter, you should be sure that it contains details about your work history that are relevant to the industry you wish to work in. If you need inspiration for your own letter, the following free marketing intern cover letter sample may give you a few ideas.

Dear Mr. Reeves,

I recently heard that your company is in need of a hardworking, ambitious marketing intern, and I would like to put my name forth for consideration. As a marketing student at a leading local university, my knowledge would be highly beneficial to your firm. I also find the prospect of working with such a well-respected and successful company to be immensely exciting.

As a junior, I feel that it is exceptionally important to acquire real-world experience before entering the workforce. For this reason, I have earned stellar grades and joined numerous marketing clubs, and I attempt to apply my knowledge in everyday life. Securing a prestigious internship with a marketing firm is my primary goal this year.

I fully understand what will be expected of me, and I have previous experience working as an office clerk for a local law firm. This job helped me acquire and utilize a plethora of clerical and organizational skills on a daily basis. I was also fortunate to gain an in-depth understanding of the corporate world and its values.

Simply put, I feel that my work experience and marketing education qualifies me for this position. Your company also seems like the type of place where I can thrive and develop professionally. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter; I look forward to speaking with you.

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What to Include in a Marketing Intern Cover Letter

Including certain industry-specific details in your cover letter can go a long way. For an internship position, you should mention more about your educational background and less about your work history. This is imperative since these positions are usually reserved for students currently pursuing a degree. Be sure to use professional language, and proofread before submitting the final product. As with this free marketing intern cover letter sample, limit your letter’s length to no more than half a page.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As an intern applicant, your cover letter will need to include certain skills that you may not find everywhere. Because you lack professional experience, you should underscore the following skills, as in the free marketing intern cover letter sample.

● Knowledgeable: Companies want to hire interns with high grades and an understanding of the industry. Discuss these details in your letter.
● Ambitious: Ambition and drive are excellent skills for a future professional to have.
● Hardworking: You will be charged with many tasks as a marketing intern. Show your future boss that you will have no problem completing them.
● Mature: Most interns are college students, so you will need to show the reader that you are mature enough to work in a corporate setting on a regular basis.