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Account Manager

What Account Managers Do Account managers are liaisons between company and client, keeping delivery of services and solutions at a high level of quality. As an account manager, you’ll be responsible for a portfolio of customers and their ability to work and negotiate with others is going to be critical to any long-term success. Account Manager Cover Letters Your account manager cover letter needs to demonstrate your full array of interpersonal skills. The most important point to emphasize is your ability to develop and cultivate long lasting relationships. Hiring managers will want to know that you can see and grow opportunity working with sales teams. Mention one or two outstanding accomplishments or clients and how the relationships impacted on the company’s reputation. While the resume will do all the heavy lifting, use the cover letter to convince hiring managers to read your resume. Qualifications A degree is going to be critical here. A business major in a specific field (finances, administration, etc.) can lead a career path and let hiring managers know more about your objectives. An account manager should have excellent writing skills, especially since the account manager cover letter will need to communicate credibility in delivering client focused solutions. It has to briefly showcase the candidate’s versatility and flexibility, and the ability to juggle multiple projects while maintaining an unparalleled focus on details. They have to be able to manage a range of requests and deal with issue escalation. Account managers will have direct contact with clients, customers, stakeholders, sponsors and executives. They have to listen, present and negotiate. Their overall goal will be to ensure growth attainment through open, proven and honest practices. Salary The average median salary for an account manager is 55,000 dollars, though there are plenty of candidates whose salary has breached six figures. Account manager salaries will be driven by a candidate’s experience and what they bring to the table. Make sure the account manager cover letter and resume shows your value. Sample Account Manager Cover Letter There is a sample account manager cover letter below that will be an excellent template for building a solid introduction to any hiring manager. Be sure to construct material that demonstrates how important your services have been and how vital they’d be in any new position.

Account Manager Cover Letter Example