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What It’s Like to Work in the SEO Field

Savvy businesses know that the way to be seen in the vast spaces of the Internet is to optimize their websites using SEO, or search engine optimization, practices. An expert in SEO will dedicate their career to staying current on search engine news, creating optimized websites to help businesses be seen in top search engines and adhering to best practices for website quality and content.

Benefits of Working in the SEO Field

A website’s visibility rests directly on your ability to help it be seen. When your site ranks high on the first page of a major search engine, you get the satisfaction of knowing that through you, your company is getting high traffic and the recognition it deserves. Knowledge of SEO can lead to career opportunities in virtually every field, including many self-employment options as well.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Technical jobs are perhaps even more sensitive to the need for expert cover letters. Your SEO cover letter is your chance to set yourself above and apart from the competition and should be one of your first priorities in crafting an application package that sells. Since this field requires excellent writing skills, your SEO cover letter should showcase your abilities as a wordsmith. Check out MyPerfectResume for expert samples, tips and articles to help you craft the perfect cover letter.

SEO Cover Letter Example