Charge Nurse Cover Letter Example + Tips

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If you plan to apply for a professional level job, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to produce a cover letter. Yours should look something like the free charge nurse cover letter sample below, a one-pager that introduces yourself to the hiring manager, expresses interest in an advertised position, and explains why you’re the best fit for the job. Moreover, a cover letter gives you a chance to formally request to interview for the position. It’s easy to see why your approach is so important. Use the following free charge nurse cover letter sample for inspiration.

Dear Mr. Willoughby,

Nurses offer a critical service in any medical establishment, providing practical and emotional support for patients, administrative personnel, and physicians. In general, they help medical facilities run smoothly. I bring all of those abilities and more to the table and would like to express my interest in the charge nurse position advertised with your organization.

The job listing mentions that compassionate care and practical administrative support skills are key characteristics of the ideal candidate. I proudly offer more than 10 years’ experience demonstrating superior direct patient care, as well as providing patient support and communication.

I have also taken on duties at the administrative level. My resume includes extensive experience directing financial resources, administering budgets, developing schedules, and managing records.

I consider nursing a passion as well as a profession, and I would be thrilled to bring my personal commitment to a position with your organization. I would be happy to further discuss my skills and abilities in a formal interview. Please be in touch, and thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Charge Nurse Cover Letter

There are a few things you should remember when writing your version of this free charge nurse cover letter sample: length, tone, and content. First, in consideration of the hiring manager’s time, keep your letter to one page. Next, make sure the tone is formal but friendly, and always include a courtesy title and a thank you for the hiring manager’s interest. Content is key, so make sure to expound upon your skills, and don’t simply repeat what’s on your resume. Finally, close by formally requesting an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Standing out in means making sure you prove that you have the skills the hiring manager is after. You can do this by highlighting the relevant traits shown in the nurse cover letter sample above. Here are a few more that nurses and managers should include.

● Technically savvy: Be sure to describe your experience with data entry or electronic records systems.
● Strong communicator: Nurses are expected to communicate complex ideas to patients and families.
● Problem solver: You will want to highlight your ability to handle patient and staff completes quickly.
● Physical stamina: As a nurse, be prepared and willing to work on your feet for hours at a time.