Director of Nursing Cover Letter Example & Templates

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An effective cover letter should contain industry-specific details and express your interest in the job. If your letter fails to do these two things, the hiring manager may not take the time to look at your resume. We don’t want this to happen to you, so we’ve included a free director of nursing cover letter sample to show you how to properly format and write your own letter. The sample can help you avoid mistakes and improve your chances of getting the job.

Dear Mrs. Bryant,

As a nurse with nearly 13 years of hands-on experience, I truly believe that I would be an excellent fit for the job of director of nursing. I have worked in numerous hospitals and private practices, and my reviews have always been superior. I believe in providing exceptional care to all patients and utilizing compassion on a daily basis.

I am a registered nurse here in Chicago with a diverse array of skills and a commitment to patients. I have worked in regular, intensive care, and emergency departments and I have been present on some of the busiest days at the hospital. Being a successful nurse requires versatility and flexibility, and those are two qualities that I possess in abundance.

In my younger years, I dreamed of becoming a doctor, but I changed my mind when I saw how nurses interacted with patients during a stay in the hospital. They applied their clinical knowledge while remaining kind and understanding. To this day, my personal nursing philosophy includes these two things.

Simply put, my strong work ethic and patient-centered approach help me succeed in virtually any nursing environment. Despite the fact that I love my present job, I feel that it is time to move on to a supervisory position with a greater amount of responsibility. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

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What to Include in a Director of Nursing Cover Letter

A well-written letter, such as the free director of nursing cover letter sample, should contain certain details. First of all, you should highlight your industry experience. Also take care to avoid repeating the information on your resume. Be sure that your resume is no more than half a page, and that you explain why you are the best candidate for the job.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free director of nursing cover letter sample stresses the jobseeker’s interest in nursing, and so should yours. If you want to land a job, try including the following skills.

● Dedicated: As a nurse, you should be committed to providing great care and comforting patients.
● Compassionate: This is one of the main traits of a highly successful nurse.
● Remain Calm Under Pressure: As a nurse in a managerial position, you should be able to handle stress with ease.
● Versatility: Nurses must be able to switch mental gears quickly and provide care to multiple patients.