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perioperative nurse resume example

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What It’s Like to Work as a Perioperative Nurse

Usually working in hospital surgical departments, Perioperative Nurses (sometimes called RN First Assistants or Circulating Nurses) help prepare a patient for surgery. They also assess a patient’s condition during surgery and provide follow-up care and instructions. Specialized Perioperative Nurses may focus almost exclusively on sterilizing surgical instruments and helping the surgical team get their gowns and gloves on before surgery (Scrub Nurses) or work primarily in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit to provide care for patients immediately following procedures while they recovery from the anesthesia.

Benefits of Working as a Perioperative Nurse

Perioperative Nurses benefit from knowing that they’re helping patients, at an understandably stressful time, to remain as comfortable as possible. Since this is a specialized nursing occupation requiring certification and extensive training, salaries typically fall into the mid-to-upper five figure range. With a projected growth rate of around 25 percent over the next decade, Perioperative Nurses can expect to benefit from plenty of available work, often including full-time hours with available (and sometimes mandatory) overtime to meet this demand.

Why You Need a Perioperative Nurse Cover Letter

The main advantage of having a Perioperative Nurse cover letter is to give a potential employer an idea of who you are beyond your qualifications and educational background. Busy employers and HR personnel accustomed to receiving hundreds of nearly identical resumes, tend to view cover letters, at least well-written ones, as time-savers. On the other hand, even if you have an amazing resume and equally impressive letters of recommendation, a poorly written cover letter is likely to keep a perspective employer from even glancing at anything else. The solution to making that ever elusive good first impression is a well-structured Perioperative Nurse cover letter. Fortunately, you can find helpful samples on MyPerfectResume.