LPN Cover Letter Examples & Templates

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Cover letters are make-or-break items when it comes to applying for a new job. A poorly written one can be a severe detriment to your getting a job offer. However, a strong LPN cover letter can help you appear better than all the other candidates and land you an interview by presenting your industry-specific skills, experience, and accomplishments in a relevant manner. For helpful tips on crafting an outstanding letter, read through this free LPN cover letter sample and follow the key tips given afterward.

Dear Mr. Price,

From my youth I have wanted to work in the medical field. When I saw your job opening for a licensed practical nurse I knew it was the position for me. With my strong background in nursing and knowledge of medical treatments, I believe I am the best person for the job.

Your job listing states that you need people who are capable of adapting and providing personalized care to every patient. I have three years of experience doing just that at a nursing home in Riverside. Every guest had different needs. Some were very easy to treat while others required specialized treatment. I believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution to providing essential medical care, and I am more than willing to work with doctors to ensure patients get the treatment they need in a way that is comfortable for them.

My work experience has added to my textbook knowledge. I have gained hands-on training and am completely comfortable administering injections and inserting catheters. My experience with these tasks means that I am capable of treating patients independently without always needing a physician nearby. This allows others to accomplish their specific responsibilities and ultimately leads to a more productive work environment.

I am fully licensed to work in the state of California and can begin working immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would love to speak with you further about my qualifications in an interview setting.

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What to Include in a LPN Cover Letter

Here are a few key tips to help you take your cover letter based on this free LPN cover letter sample to the next level. To begin with, you want to maintain a professional tone throughout the four-paragraph letter and watch out for clichés. Additionally, get into the specifics of why you are the best fit for the job and be sure to reference the job description. Don’t forget to summarize your information, invite the manager to review your resume, and show appreciation in your conclusion.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You need to tailor your cover letter to include information relevant to the open position. The following qualities can be helpful when you are applying for an LPN job, and you should add them to the ideas presented in the free LPN cover letter sample above.

● Compassionate: LPNs work with many people every day, and all of them have different needs and temperaments. You need to be patient and understanding of other people’s needs.
● Physical stamina: As a licensed practical nurse, you may need to spend entire days on your feet.
● Strong Communicator: You need to be able to convey crucial medical information to people who may not be familiar with the terminology.
● Detailed: You will be accountable for ensuring dozens of people get the care they need at specific times. Nothing can be forgotten.