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Lecturer Cover Letter Example + Tips

The first step to submitting a phenomenal resume is to write an even better cover letter. A cover letter should highlight your industry experience and show the reader that you are qualified for the job. Before you start writing yours, take a look at the free lecturer cover letter sample below to get an idea of how yours should look.

Dear Mrs. Calloway,

As a seasoned public speaker with over two decades of experience, I feel that I would be an excellent fit for the role of lecturer at your hospital. I understand how to explain complex medical and scientific concepts in layman’s terms, and I place a high degree of value on the importance of health education. I truly believe that your department could benefit from my diverse skill set.

Public speaking requires an immense amount of passion and dedication, which are the two qualities that have allowed me to get this far in my career. I currently work at two locations, a community college and a medical clinic. Both positions require me to provide the public and students with lectures on a regular basis.

My career as a public speaker began to thrive once I agreed to teach nutritional classes. I still do this, and I feel it is the best way to utilize my BSc in Nutrition. I also think that educating others is a great way to give back to my local community.

In short, if you are still hiring, please consider me for the lecturer position. Thank you for your time as well as your patience. I look forward to discussing this role in greater detail in the future.

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What to Include in a Lecturer Cover Letter

If you want to be a lecturer, you will need to include certain details like those in this free lecturer cover letter sample. First, always be sure to proofread your writing. If your text is riddled with elementary grammatical errors and misspelled words, you could destroy your chances of getting hired. If you don’t know who to address your letter to, do not include a formal salutation. Finally, be sure that your cover letter features original content that convinces the reader to look at your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As a lecturer, you should include skills that relate to public speaking in your cover letter. Try utilizing some of the following skills when expanding on the outline provided by this free lecturer cover letter sample.

● Articulate: This may seem obvious, but you need to show that you can speak clearly and professionally in front of others.
● Knowledgeable: If you have taken courses in public speaking or debate, please tell the reader in your letter. Any course or study that stresses oratory skills should be mentioned.
● Personable: As a lecturer, you will need to build a rapport with your audience and keep them engaged. This can be hard to accomplish if you are not friendly or interesting.
● Experienced: Very few people can give a lecture on the spot. Show the reader that you know how to speak to others and have a professional history of doing so.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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