Landing a role in a film, television show, or stage production can be challenging, as there is stiff competition for every opening. Most aspiring actors rely solely on their performance skills when pursuing a part. This gives you a competitive advantage should you choose to also submit a curriculum vitae to casting directors. Such a document presents you in professional manner, showing the seriousness that you lend to your craft. Included here is an acting CV example to help show you how such a document should look, along with several writing guidelines to help you in creating your own.


Russ Richards

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced actor seeking major role in stage production. Have several film and television credits in portfolio, including recurring role on cable television sitcom. Have been fortunate enough to work with several renowned actors and directors during career who have helped to hone craft. Educated at schools whose acting programs have been recognized as being among the best in the country. Have been recognized by past directors and producers for ability to take direction, contribute to staging and writing, and learn and retain scenes and lines quickly.

  • Excellent memory and retention skills
  • Maintain good physical condition conducive to roles that involve dancing and singing
  • Good listener who is able to process direction quickly
  • Work well as part of a group
  • Critical thinker able to contribute ideas when called upon
Work Experience
Recurring Cast Member
October 2013 – July 2016


Company Name

  • Played recurring supporting role appearing in 16 episodes amassing a collective four hours of screen time.
  • Worked with production team to help coordinate travel schedule to off-site shoots on three separate occasions.
  • Coordinated with script writers to help develop storylines and dialogue for character.
  • Acted in physical role that required extensive athletic training as well as a strict diet.

On-Call Cast Member
August 2011 – October 2013


Company Name

  • Contracted on-call cast member with major motion picture studio filling supporting roles as needed in movie productions.
  • Credits included several critically acclaimed and award-winning films.
  • Worked as body double or stuntman for lead characters on four different productions.
  • Collaborated with production crew on scene design and setup whenever such assistance was required.

Principal Lead,
Summer 2012


Company Name


  • Starred as Professor Harold Hill in regional production of “The Music Man.”
  • Performed in 75 shows in six different venues.
  • Worked extensively with choreographer and musical director for over 115 hours prior to the show’s opening.
  • Nominated for regional acting company award for Best Performance by a Lead Actor.

Touring Cast Member
June 2009 – August 2011


Pacific Coast Playhouse Troupe


  • Served as member of the ensemble in 11 different stage productions.
  • Filled in as understudy to lead actor in 30 performances.
  • Collaborated with directors and lead actors in learning script and musical numbers.
  • Assisted stage crew in scene setup and takedown during performances.


Masters in Fine Arts


UCLA School of Theater Film and Television
City, State
Bachelors of Fine Arts


California Institute of the Arts
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Active member of local actors union. Enjoy travel as well as hunting and fishing. Avid reader who volunteers contributing voice talents to local children’s summer reading programs.


Acting Job Overview and Tips

What Does Acting Do?

In order to effectively use the acting CV example shown here to create a strong employee reference document, you need to have a good understanding of what responsibilities come with acting roles. Past experience may have already helped you to develop that understanding, yet it’s important to recognize that there are often nuances that come with different roles at different levels that you may not be aware of. For example, on top of performing individual roles, actors are often asked to contribute their thoughts to producers and casting directors as to who should be selected to fill parts that are complementary to their characters. Actors may also be asked by directors to understand the acting styles of their contemporaries and predecessors, which may require a fair amount of film study. Certain productions may also require that actors perform support tasks, as well, such as lighting, set design, and editing.

Tips for Creating a Great Acting CV

Acting requires adapting your skills to a certain role or character. So too does creating a good CV. While the acting CV example shown here offers guidance, you still will want to add (or remove) information that may or may not support your qualifications for a role you want. The following advice can help you convey who you are while adhering to the format of the template:

  • Do be as specific as you can about your past experience, as casting directors want to know what you have done. That being said, do not get too wordy in providing details. Only include what is relevant to the job being sought.
  • Don’t hesitate to add elements of your own personality. This is best done by describing yourself in the “Hobbies and Interests” section.
  • If you doubt your own editing skills, take your completed document to a professional writer to have it proofread.
  • Don’t go as far back as your high school education when detailing your background, unless it is somehow applicable to a certain part or production.

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