Advertising is all about presenting something from its best angle, and that’s what writing a CV is largely about, too. If you are looking for a position as an advertising account manager, you can draw on your skill for making something appealing. As you begin writing your curriculum vitae, you should highlight all of your skills and qualifications, but there’s more to a CV than just that. There are conventions and expectations that you should adhere to, and you can see an example of these by reviewing our advertising account manager CV example as well as the accompanying tips.


Andrew Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional advertising account manager with over 15 years of experience. Skilled in marketing, advertising strategies, campaign development, and client relations. Previously managed accounts for clients ranging from mid-sized business contracts valued at $200,000 to multinational corporations’ contracts valued at $1.6 million. In this position, communicated daily with clients and received directive regarding their advertising plans. Fulfilled these directives by working with the rest of the advertising staff to provide effective and innovating marketing approaches to deliver to each client. Successfully raised client retention from 60 percent to 74 percent over the course of the position.

  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken form
  • Highly intuitive in sensing clients’ needs and wants
  • Creative ability to imagine designs and concepts
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure and perform well
  • Exceptional critical thinking abilities
Work Experience
Advertising Account Manager
August 2010-Present



  • Partner with advertising clients in order to best understand and carry out their needs for their brand.
  • Engage and acquire new clients by engaging in outreach, initiating dialogue, and providing information regarding our advertising services.
  • Retain existing clients through strategic service, excellent results, and consistently successfully advertising campaigns.

Marketing Supervisor
June 2006-August 2010



  • Oversaw marketing associates and managed projects from various clients, including small businesses and multinational corporations.
  • Communicated directly with clients to receive directives and partner with marketing staff to carry out the wishes of clients.
  • Supervised all marketing initiatives, including online and in-store campaigns, to ensure compliance with company policy and client direction.

Marketing Adviser
January 2002-June 2006




  • Worked under direction of marketing supervisor to develop marketing campaigns for company’s various clients.
  • Collaborated with fellow marketing staff to develop effective marketing material to be used by clients in various applications.
  • Engaged in brainstorming, design, and publications processes throughout the marketing cycle for each client.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing


Hughes University
Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management


Toronto Management School
Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I most often can be found playing video games. I enjoy all kinds of games played on all types of platforms, but I am most passionate about retro and vintage games that are available on classic consoles. I collect vintage Mario cartridges and NES titles and play them as well as selling them to other game collectors. When I am not unwinding with video games, I am often found volunteering at the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club where I lead team building activities and sports engagements. I enjoy giving back to my community through my volunteer work whenever I have the opportunity.



Advertising Account Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Advertising Account Manager Do?

The role of the advertising account manager is equal parts marketing and client relations. In this role, you can expect to handle advertising tasks and manage campaign and marketing strategies, but your role will also entail managing the advertising company’s clients and maintaining client satisfaction. You will be tasked with retaining and acquiring accounts, and to this end, the daily tasks of the job focus primarily on communication, receiving directives from clients, and collaborating with marketing staff to carry out such directives. You can demonstrate how qualified you are for this job by writing a great CV. If you aren’t sure where to start, our advertising account manager CV example is a great source for some writing inspiration.

Tips for Creating a Great Advertising Account Manager CV

The example contained above should offer some valuable insight into what exactly employers are seeking when they review your CV. You might want some additional guidance, though, and these tips offer exactly that:

  • Do construct a narrative that effectively details your accomplishments through illustrative details and vivid examples and phrasing.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of proofreading once, twice, or even three times — a typo can alter the course of your future forever.
  • Do put adequate effort into branding your CV and creating a consistent theme through its text, design, and contents that is easy for your audience to detect.
  • Don’t leave your career objective or primary skill set up to your reader to infer — clearly state what you want and why you are qualified.

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