Looking for a job can be a competitive process, and you are likely trying to find ways to set yourself apart from other candidates. One of the best ways to do this is to craft a professional CV that highlights your skills and experience to grab the attention of employers and land an interview. This marketing coordinator CV example can guide you as you refine your own document so you know what to include, what formatting guidelines to follow, and how to avoid common CV mistakes.


Eleanor Rigby

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Ambitious marketing coordinator with an eye for branding and more than a decade of experience working in the industry. Highly experienced with coordinating and overseeing a variety of different marketing activities, such as meeting with clients, discussing branding strategies, and establishing marketing goals. Specialize in refining customer experiences and competitor activities to gain leverage during marketing campaigns and help clients reach their objectives. Adept at understanding the results of marketing efforts and refining strategies to contribute to additional success.

  • Experience with many forms of marketing, including strategizing and online marketing
  • Ability to work within pre-determined marketing budgets and allocate funds to meet client objectives
  • Strong organization skills that contribute to successful campaigns and satisfied clients
  • Highly familiar with different marketing techniques and how to apply them to client campaigns
  • Proficient with tracking platforms and basic forms of technology needed to run a successful marketing firm
  • Committed to staying on top of the latest marketing techniques while also pursuing additional education
  • Excellent communication skills that ensure client needs are heard and goals are followed through from the start
Work Experience
Marketing Coordinator
March 2015 – present



  • Look for tradeshow opportunities and coordinate efforts to help clients get their name out there at these events.
  • Increased client referral rate by 30 percent in one year.
  • Actively work on building positive relationships with both team members and clients.
  • Play a continual role in analyzing competitor activities and determining where strategies could be adapted based on findings.

Marketing Coordinator
February 2010 – February 2015



  • Monitored the effectiveness of online marketing strategies, including social media sites and blogs.
  • Developed a variety of marketing tools, such as brochures, and figured out which clients could benefit.
  • Worked directly with marketing managers and provided support during ongoing campaigns.
  • Brainstormed about marketing strategies and applied new methods to various client plans.

Marketing Assistant
March 2007 – February 2010




  • Coordinated with marketing managers and executives to institute various marketing practices and ensured they were properly implemented.
  • Scheduled appointments with clients and provided support during meetings.
  • Managed certain tasks associated with marketing efforts, such as responding to client inquiries.
  • Tracked results from marketing campaigns and converted them into reports for future reference.




Johnson and Associates
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing


Arizona State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading and trying out new baking techniques in the kitchen. On the weekends, I sell my baked goods at local farmer’s markets and am always trying to find new favorites among those I sell to. I also regularly volunteer at a non-profit near my home that helps underprivileged children learn the skills they need to thrive academically.



Marketing Coordinator Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Do?

Marketing coordinators are responsible for managing all activities related to running a successful marketing campaign, ultimately angling a client in such a way to receive previously agreed upon exposure goals. For example, they may contact clients to determine their level of satisfaction and to continually assess their goals. Marketing coordinators often track results from different campaigns to figure out which strategies are working and which ones need to be tweaked and refined. Many professionals who hold this position work in the online sector and oversee campaigns related to search engine optimization and pay-per-click. Overall, this position involves mostly administrative and creative activities, which are both highlighted in the marketing coordinator CV example presented above.

Tips for Creating a Great Marketing Coordinator CV

As you get ready to put together your own CV using our CV maker, it is important that you follow some guidelines to know what to do and what to avoid to ensure that your document gets the attention it deserves. Consider these points:

  • Use your Professional Summary section to make a good first impression on future employers and highlight your most impressive skills, accomplishments, and traits.
  • Avoid including too many personal details in your Hobbies and Interests section, but still give a brief overview of some things that interest you, especially if they relate to your skills and/or experience.
  • Make sure you proofread your CV after you’re done writing it to catch embarrassing typos and errors.
  • Choose a standard CV font, and refrain from making the type too small so employers are able to see it. Stick to above 10-point size.
  • Use metrics to quantify the successes you have had throughout your professional career.

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